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  1. randythetinter

    2019 alfa Romeo Giulia

    Easy car no need to remove gaskets
  2. randythetinter

    Suntek Standard Tint FOR SALE

    Message me
  3. randythetinter

    Suntek standard 60x100

    I got 10 boxes of 60x100 05% it's white box forsale
  4. randythetinter

    Just checking in

    Nice meeting you at the sema show
  5. randythetinter

    2018 tint off

  6. randythetinter

    2018 tint off

    Not sure bro
  7. randythetinter

    2018 tint off

    Who's here San Antonio
  8. randythetinter

    What did you tint today?

    I covered the whole dash and I used the rope microfiber towels for edges I know seen it happen before thanks
  9. randythetinter

    What did you tint today?

    2018 Cherokee limo around and 50% on windshield
  10. randythetinter

    What did you tint today?

    2019 Honda accent 05% rear and 20% dark in front
  11. randythetinter

    Tint off

    I'll be there too
  12. randythetinter

    Tint off

    Who's going tint off in September?
  13. randythetinter

    Tinting from home

    Well there maybe 30 new homes and a horse ranch and less than quarter miles small stores gas station no hoa
  14. randythetinter

    Tinting from home

    Can I do tinting at home? I have around 1000 customers? One of my neighbors is complaining sometimes its windy they get few pieces of film in lawn lol anyways there's few businesses around my house within quarter mile
  15. randythetinter

    2018 camry

    its super easy just dry shrink it move the gun in circles it will form