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  1. E_Loc

    What did you tint today?

    Ford focus in 15% Global QDP.
  2. SolarFx Xtreme2 20% film. 2015 Fusion SE. I enjoyed using this film. Shrinks good. Better then other cermic film I use. Peel liner came off pretty easy. It crushed really well for the few spots i needed to. It didnt really feel extra thick like my other ceramic, which makes me more comfortable installing. Overall my top ceramic film ive used so far.
  3. E_Loc

    Last one to post #733

    schools out for the summer
  4. E_Loc

    What did you tint today?

    15 challenger scatpack in solarfx
  5. E_Loc

    What did you tint today?

    Tahoe in Armolam HP20%
  6. E_Loc

    How big is your window edge gap?

    I prefer mine tilted down a little bit. Call it about 60 degrees with the window. ..but as long as its the same angle from start to finish is all that really matters.
  7. E_Loc

    How big is your window edge gap?

    No shave or file. Just a good consistant angle with my olfa knife
  8. DaGatta do you use the carbonfx line too or no?
  9. full schedule for saturday and sunday now.
  10. Bout to do a few things on this 1955 f100. Steering colomn and wiring