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    So I'm trying to add a ceramic film in my line up. I'm liking Solar Gard Ultra Performance, Suntek CIR, and ASWF excel irp, curious if anyone uses any of these and how they hold up? or if you use something i haven't tried let me know and i can try that. thanks so much. My competitors in town use LLumar, formula one, and 3m so wanting to stay away from those. thanks!
  2. 2017 lincoln continental front windows

    Exactly like a Lexus. Yea I think I'm going to try and pull the panel or seal. Thanks for the reply!
  3. Anyone have any tips on the new continental front windows? Did my mother in laws car today in her garage and it was a pain in the ass toward the front of the window is so tight. I'm making her bring it to my shop the week because of a couple of creases. I don't know if it's because I'm used to my tint area and not a garage or what but the right space toward the front of the window killed me.
  4. good cheap film *please read before judgement haha*

    i guess i need to stop being a cheap a$$ I'm charging $350 to $800 depending on the boat. most curved glass boats i pull the window and frame, tint and reinstall.
  5. good cheap film *please read before judgement haha*

    Sorry I'm must not be making this clear. I want a film that is good that is priced really good for boats. Something that lasts but easy on the pocket. I currently use solar Gard for everything and looking to do boats with a fil that is known to be color stable with prices better than what I'm paying now. Thank you! I'm not looking to be cheap but working with dealerships we both want to make money and what it's costing me for Film now with them is hard.
  6. ok so I'm looking for a film that is cheap or we'll say priced REAL WELL that is nice black color easily shrinks and proven to last more than 5 years. i have at least 20 boats to do this year. i did about 12 last year and this year i have some new dealer contracts that will be using me. it strictly for looks so i don't care about performance of the film i just need it to last not turn brown or purple. right now the film I'm using is pretty expensive and it pointless in my eyes to use a expensive film on a boat when i can use a cheaper film that will last just as long if its just for looks. thanks, dustin
  7. Ceramic options

    has anyone heard of or tried "program edge" denco sales called me and sent me a sample of the ceramic line and told me it was made by huper. can anyone confirm that? has anyone tried it long enough to see how it holds up?
  8. Ceramic options

    So I've been a solar Gard dealer for a couple years now using galaxie and ultra performance. Lately I've been having about 75% of customers asking about ceramic film. Wellllllll I'm getting fed up with ultra performance I'm hating it more and more every time I use it. First issue is shrinking it's so thick and difficult to work with. Second issue is I've had 4 customers come back for how distracting the haze and fogginess is. My competitor across town is a llumar formula one dealer for 10 years so I've had customers come to me since I'm new to this town and get ceramic then come and show me how their other car that my competitor did with ceramic isn't as foggy or hazy and it's making my look bad and I can't have that being the "new" shop in this town. So what brands are out their that people are using for ceramic that don't look and feel like crap? I've used a couple rolls of johnsons insulatir and have like it. It's not nearly as foggy or hazy. I did just receive a sample of suntek CIR but of course they sent me the 5% which is going to be hard to tell if theirs a fog or haze to it. Any suggestions are much appreciated. Thank you!
  9. so I need some advice. I moved to a new town about 2 years ago and opened my business here instead of commuting. When I opened up here I was focusing primarily on automotive window tint and automotive restyling. Business has been good but I'm tired of being stuck in the shop and not out in the field like before, so now I'm mainly focusing on flat glass residential, commercial, auto window tint, safety film, etched glass, and window decals. I will still do some auto restyling as time permits. My business name is "elite restyling and window tint" do you think that is steering away my commercial and residential customers from clicking on my website? Thanks so much!
  10. Trying to become more "qualified" for the job when doing commercial and residential so going to get my license does anyone know what class of contractors license I need to obtain for this. Also is it just like auto tint where as long as I pay sales tax when buying I don't need to charge my customer sales tax? Thanks!!
  11. Vinyl wrap ca sales tax question

    For those of you guys that do full color changes. I was told that the only time you charge sales tax is when you print the design. I was told if you do a solid color change, roof wrap, striping, chrome delete you can charge one solid rate kind of like window tint as long as you pay the tax on the material when purchased. Does anyone know if this is true? I've been charging tax on the sqft of the material and then charging labor with no tax of course.
  12. Solar Free Artisan????

    hey guys been looking at carrying a ceramic film for my shop. i had a rep from Solar Free stop by a few months ago and leave a sample of their Artisan 75%. i used it on a windshield for a customer and really liked the clarity and ease of shrinking but my question is has anyone used any of their darker films? how do they hold up? they have a awesome prices but still a not very well known company so I'm afraid that will hurt me against competition.