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  1. It is cold out hear in south jersey.
  2. sammy15

    5 gallon sprayer

    Thanks for the info.????
  3. sammy15

    5 gallon sprayer

    That is nice can you put up whare can I look into getting one.Thanks
  4. That is the best way to do it and when you go to install make sure the glass is whare it has to be and you will not have a gap.
  5. Im asking about a plotter.
  6. Ok thanks for your input. Anything else?
  7. Good morning everyone im looking to buy a tint cutting machine. Can I have some pros and cons of having the machine. What will be the best place to look for one?
  8. sammy15

    Mobile setup

    Good afternoon to all. I was thinking about going mobile to expand my customer base. The thing of it is how to go about minimizing The contamination in the film. Can I have some Ideas from you all. Any pics will help too. Thank you all.