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  1. Hi Jeff, we will be there, looking forward to it!
  2. As of right now I have this dealership back doing business with me again and now using using Xpel film for them, I talked with Xpel a Sema and hopefully they will support me as I support them by using, selling, and installing there film!
  3. So I have been doing a certain high end dealership for about 5 years, and out of the blue this xpel rep stops at my shop and I was out on a commercial job as we do all that too and he talks to one of my employees about switching films to Xpel , we use SunTek and are happy with there product, well a few weeks go by and ive heard through the grape vine that the Xpel rep had gone to one of my competitors in town and set them all up and stole my account, ive been using xpel for years and theses guys are solargard true cut all day and I doubt they pay for both programs, just a shot out there at what Xpel is up to!