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  1. Shadow Glass


    Lots of schools are requesting security film. The bondkap company out of Florida has their attachment system along with those backer rods? What are those for? Should I be pulling the big rubber gaskets of the aluminum framing if I get these school windows? I was hoping it would be applying the Film and applying the 995 sealant to the film and frame. Not pulling gaskets.
  2. Shadow Glass

    Authorized Dealer 3m?

    There are 2 shops south of me about an hour. I contacted the 3m rep to see if we could become an authorized dealer specifically for the architectural film. The rep said no. I'm too close to the other two shops. He asked if I wanted to use their automotive film. But currently using global and love the stuff and the staff. Any tips in becoming a dealer? (asked the rep and he said pretty much wait and see if the other businesses move or go out of business. no opportunity for us) Lot of schools around us are requesting 3m safety film (reasoning why we want to be a 3m dealer) thanks
  3. I've got a 1980s ish Camaro in my shop and it has the braided/twisted defrost line that is an 1" from both edges. I've read some guys paint the space between the defrost line and the edge of the window. What do you guys do? Looks like this thing has lots of dirt in the defrost line. Any recommendations?
  4. Shadow Glass

    1st Corvette Back Glass

    ya tintpro2007... what do you mean you anchored it "lower"? Was it the "U" anchor people speak of? Or the H pattern? Any pictures? I just have to figure out how to anchor. I've got a 2002 vette coming in tomorrow. Never had to do a vette before.. Any tips would be appreciated before tomorrow!! lol