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  1. Koalaty Tint

    2018 Crosstrek

    Hey All, Have a new Crosstrek coming in for just side windows. Anything Pointers?
  2. Koalaty Tint

    SolarFX Christmas Raffle 2017

    That would be a GREAT X Mas gift!!! Happy Holidays from Koalaty Tint and Detail.
  3. Koalaty Tint

    Armolan Window Films Raffle

  4. Koalaty Tint

    2017 Forester

    Hey thanks for the reply. Looked at the car today looks straight forward.
  5. Koalaty Tint

    2005 V70 Volvo Wagon

    Hey All, Just got a call about one of these. It's a all window job, should I run or is it straight forward job. Can a 20" roll work for these windows?
  6. Koalaty Tint

    2017 Forester

    Hey any body done one of these? Tuck or remove door panel? Just have the front side windows to do.
  7. Koalaty Tint

    2004 Jetta

    Hey All, Any pointers on this one. Looks like rubber trimming and removing back deck to get behind the third brake light. How about pulling door panels or not? Back side windows look like a pain. Thanks for any info.
  8. Koalaty Tint

    Teflon cards

    I always used a razor blade knife. But have not done that in awhile. I use the Tri edge pink now.