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  1. @pro-tect mobile Thanks for the insight. I am leaning that direction.
  2. Till now, I have chosen not to offer it. However, as I grow past being a one man shop, add on services become more appealing. I am just starting to realize the benefits from the months of training and $$$ I invested in my previously inexperienced installer and am looking further down the road. I often have customers asking if I can do this for them while I have their car for clear bra and I have had to refer them to a detail shop. I am set up to perform paint correction that is often needed to get the paint to the standard I am comfortable with just to apply film. Jake, I think you make a good pint about the crazy level of perfection achieved by some of the "coating people". While I am not interested in being that guy, perhaps a future employee could fill that need. Hopefully others will chime in here..... Work hand in hand with a detail shop? Or, become a PPF/Coating shop?
  3. Who offers the option of applying a ceramic coating for your customers cars while in your shop. If not why? If so, what product do you think is the best to combine with PPF.