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  1. Tint Tools

    we sell some tint tools as well, however we are mainly a vinyl distribution company. Vinylspec.com
  2. Wagner Furno heat guns

    its called a tourch
  3. Need this side swiper

    its from ProToolsNow.com called the Stroke Doctor
  4. Hellcat racing stripes

    https://bigwormgraphix.net/ might be able to help you out.

    I would get trained by the brand of material that I am working with. That being said Avery Dennison has their training classes here
  6. 6in lidco white hard card

    Do you have any examples of how you cut them? Maybe we can have a mold designed....
  7. Teflon cards

    i have plenty of the ez wings if you wanted one
  8. Newb Here trying to Vinyl wrap a Del Sol

    yep way to cold. it may be a good idea if you get a helper as well for another set of hands. IR heaters are great however they are a bit pricey to start off with. How much excess material are you allocating along the sides or are you trying to fit a 5x5 square with a 5x5 piece?

    I also sell vinyl and tools at the link below
  10. SEMA Photo Dump

    not sure if allowed, but can we dump our photos here for all to see? https://imgur.com/gallery/urauq https://imgur.com/gallery/FWfbj
  11. Sema

    going and have my room....
  12. the fact that it has been repainted matte it a little cause for concern for me to begin with. Also xpel has a nice stealth ppf which is a matte finish
  13. Post up your Websites

  14. Help with wrap

    where are you in Texas. if close by i can stop by.