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  1. Already have a legal business name for truck bedliner deal, but I think it’s time to come up with something better and simpler..shop will offer tinting, truck bedliner, ppf, auto accessories. Not sure if you guys might have some ideas but I’d like to hear.. thanks 👌🏼
  2. Seems like llumar and or 3m would be the most common, I think I’d lean towards going with llumar before 3m
  3. Im relatively new into the tinting world and I’ve tried a bunch of films. Been using rayno for past year, but just got my hands on some llumar at a shop all last week and I must admit I’m in love with llumar. I’m really leaning towards trying to get set up with it. I just have to make sure I can guarantee to do enough work and buy enough film for their standards
  4. What’s the best film of these 3? Seems like the suntek cir specs are a tad higher then llumar ctx if I read correctly, but watched some product demos and the xpel seems to absolutely put the llumar and suntek to shame.. what are your guys personal thoughts ? Which would you rather carry
  5. Is llumar worth it?

    Got to do some hands on with llumar all day tofay, and must say I’m in love. But would it be worth it over global or any other films?
  6. The tintstitute is in San Luis Obispo. Close to you, Look it up on google or insta. Kinda expensive but you get to work in a live shop so it’s pretty cool.
  7. Best tint software??!!

    Looking into buying a Roland cutter to start doing some vinyl work, but would also like to get some tint software also.. what have you guys had best luck with ? Best fitting patterns etc etc
  8. Looking into trying out some global qdp. How is the color ? And how’s the haze? On 5 and 20%
  9. Hello, Im not sure if this is possible, and it’s prob dumb question. but are plotters made for cutting tint and vinyl? I’d like to get one for doing vinyl cutting, but wouldn’t mind having some tint programs to cut patterns. And what plotters would you guys recommend ?
  10. @lorenzotint what’s your favorite brand?
  11. Alfa romero giulia.. who’s done one?

    Are the quarter window just a gasket or is there a matrix to lay tint over ? And are the door gasket not tight like vw? @DynamicATL
  12. Any one done one of these cars? Saw that it looks like the back amp gotta super careful with, but other then that is the car easy?
  13. Looking for a good clarity, 70/80% tint.. trying to get out to the older folks market who don’t want dark tint.. what do you guys like?
  14. @Stewy nope not me man haha, but yea definetly man! If I ever have some time to spare and passing through! How long have you had a shop there for?
  15. @Stewy I’m in NorCal in Chico, I’m close to you .. pass through RENO a couple times a year.. do you have a shop in Reno?