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  1. Scratchy tools

    General tip
  2. General tips. Ford Fusion

    A few pointers in this vehicle. https://youtu.be/PvaV88lu5hM
  3. Glue method for dot matrix

    How to do the glue method for dot matrix. Ford Fusion as example https://youtu.be/61HPbq1mL6Y
  4. Back windows causing peanuts?

    Normally 2 light passes does the trick.
  5. Back windows causing peanuts?

    Great video on those troublesome rear windows that have problems on the defogger/ defroster lines
  6. Tip for hand cutting doors with mirror in the way!

    Hey! I can possibly do videos on some of the things you've asked about. :-) I did one on the back windows with bad defrosters. Check out TNT Window Tinting on YouTube
  7. Does anybody double cut and double shrink?

    I will do one as soon as conditions are right at the shop. Should get a chance this week. :-)
  8. Does anybody double cut and double shrink?

    I double cut and double shrink. I can do a video on it if you'd like.
  9. SolarFX IRFX the Import Carbon Killer

    I might be crazy but this sounds like some awesome stuff for the market it's geared to! Again, GREAT JOB !!!
  10. Installing windshield tip!

    Thanks! I will continue posting! :-)
  11. Pic of the Week #557 Submissions

    I use QDP, QDP CERAMIC or Tint Club dyed film.
  12. Pic of the Week #557 Submissions

    My first one ( New Camry) longest from doors I've seen on a 4 door