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  1. Tinting IS 250 without pulling panels

    I worked with a friend on a lot of high end cars. I'm glad to be back doing normal stuff like nissans, Hondas, etc lol! Thats why the big buck cars get big buck tint work. Pita all the way around.
  2. Tinting IS 250 without pulling panels

    I don't. Even when I pulled panels there were just some cars I didn't risk. Those really high end ones I do my best not to pull on anything. But, many of them basically come apart like a VW or Audi.
  3. Tinting IS 250 without pulling panels

    Those cars are no fun with or without a bottom loading tool!! Lol. I've used a gasket wizard in the past with a Cayenne. And I've used my own tools on plenty of VW products. I would not recommend beginning bottom loaders to use metal bl tools on those cars at all. Even with plenty of experience those are challenging sometimes. I would recommend plastic and top loading on those in many cases
  4. Airplane paint remover for strip and retint !!!

    Good grief bud. I clearly said in the video that you had to be careful with it and it could do things like burn your arm. Who are you educating bud? Seriously. The can itself has all the warnings on it. Says everything you are saying. And as far as past experience with OSHA etc, woop de do. You were an iron worker. I was a union sheet metal worker ( we got to play with all kinds of fun chemicals and learn ISHA and safety guidelines as well) seriously. And I was also a full time Marine that worked on helicopters. Plenty more rules and regulations, and you guessed it, chemicals. And even these little explosive devices called grenades and 50 cal machine guns and other fun assorted instruments of death. So please. Give me a break with this shop steward routine. Gas is explosive go BOOM. Don't smoke or have open flame close to it the vapors can combust and make you cry cry or die die. I would never put that stuff near my car and children! It's like driving a bomb! See how that sounds? Seriously. Chill.
  5. Xpel window tint who makes it ???

    I compliment a film company that kicks azz and that is your response? Wow. Actually no. No wow really. I've seen this all before. Im not shocked. At some point the seeds you sow will become fruit.
  6. Xpel window tint who makes it ???

    I'm sure it is. Ive actually had the opportunity to learn much of what goes into building a brand first hand. I've also learned there are those that are jealous of success. But they don't realize the hours of labor it takes to reach that success. ( nor are willing to devote the time and effort to achieve it themselves, yet have plenty of time to try to put down or discredit others) It's rather easy to hide behind a picture and an alias or even a descriptor of what you do. I applaud all of the members of our industry that bring positive change. What at is it again that you are bringing to this industry? Please expand on your comments. "Nugget" ;-). ;-)
  7. Tinting IS 250 without pulling panels

    I pulled panels for 8 years.
  8. Tinting IS 250 without pulling panels

    I've went back to tanks ( mostly) now!!! I got to admit I got tired of the quacking myself!
  9. Xpel window tint who makes it ???

    Rumor mill is running pretty smoothly!!! ;-)
  10. Posted this a few months ago.
  11. Xpel window tint who makes it ???

    I wish I could publicly say who makes it. :-) ( I could if I didn't care about ethics but I really like the people at Xpel and several of the higher ups are on WFR. One is even on the leadership group. I'm not sure if I should name drop here but definitely good people and highly professional) I can say that I absolutely trust it based on knowing who does make it! The window film world is complex from one perspective but simple from another. I find it incredibly interesting to watch marketing from the different companies that actually have the same supplier.
  12. Airplane paint remover for strip and retint !!!

    What's up!!! :-) hit me up and let me know who you are. :-)
  13. Airplane paint remover for strip and retint !!!

    Also, this stuff is thick and doesnt drip and go everywhere. it stays where you spray.
  14. Airplane paint remover for strip and retint !!!

    I make great money doing these jobs and honestly it doesnt take very long to do. And im with you, if its worse than this i go the replacement route or i dont touch it. The only window i ever use this method on is the rear glass. while it is working im working on the other windows. sometimes it is actually quicker because im not spending the time to get the film off the rear like most jobs. And i see where people are coming from, this is definitely not for everyone. I agree smarter not harder. Me do the work or let the chemical do the work. :-) We should get together sometime since you are in the Atlanta area
  15. Airplane paint remover for strip and retint !!!

    Thanks Rick. I actually didnt share this here but was surprised to see it. :-) I have no hard feelings with anyone here. Just feel like both sides should be shared. And yes there are many awesome people here and yes plenty of humor to go around :-) And i agree, there are plenty of groups/pages with MUCH less civility then here. :-) Hope you have been well bud! We should get together and talk about some mutually beneficial stuff ! Have a meeting of the two Ricks! :-)