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  1. 5 years experience in PPF-8 years with high end detailing/ coatings. Was the lead installer and detail manager for Lamborghini, McLaren, and Koenigsegg. Have done all exotics you can think of mainly use a plotter but can do custom if necessary. Capable of a full body clear bra in 1 day, or can slow down and take 2-3 days on a single car for near flawless installs, matte or gloss. Available for hire, piece work, or consulting(dealer or shop) Consistently doing ~150k a year in film as a solo installer. Located in SoCal but willing to travel for the right jobs.
  2. We are an exotic shop based out of Newport Beach looking for an individual who is drug free, over 18, and with a drivers license. Shop can be extremely fast paced at times, often slowing down to ensure quality. We offer 401k and full benefits. We are looking for a motivated car loving individual. Tint, vinyl wrap, paint correction/detail and ceramic coating experience are a huge plus. Please PM your resumes.

    Yes DAP has the kit for it. tip for the fairing, delete the bolt holes and extend a bit on the front edge.
  4. X2, but also depends on the vehicles you are doing. We do 99% exotics and DAP is the only one with nearly everything, and are quick to add the newest models. Program is very easy to use, although you pay much more when you don't use their film, which is a bummer.
  5. computer cut is good. just takes more time to modify patterns. some areas you'll see gloss but it doesn't look bad at all. it's the same color so it's hardly noticeable when done correctly.
  6. PPF Training

    Have an email I could contact you through?