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  1. Carbon fx and Solar fx Ceramic have been our main films for two years or so now. Both are great, especially the ceramic. Very hard to beat the heat performance, and clarity. We beat out 3m and F1/llumar shops all the time, so much so that we've raised our prices. The carbon has a great true black color and is everything you would want in a dyed film, EXCEPT. They also have their Vintage line. Which is exactly the same as carbon, but cheaper and with a higher tser than carbon. Both lifetime warranties. They also have an awesome dual reflective flat glass line that's sure to catch on soon. I'm talkin bad..ass. Clarity, tone, tser better than llumar and 3ms 35%vlt, and neutral. Not slightly bronze like the other two. Only beef I've got is no partial roll sizes but 60" and 72". This one's for you Chris. Solar fx pretty much made our shop what it is. If they had all roll sizes in partials, we would get just about all of our film from them. Kudos guys!
  2. White scrubs are just about useless. Even for regular clean and prep.