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  1. Is your film handler still available? 

  2. Gary_tintington

    Llumar curling

    ANY kind of customer awareness campaign or advertising would seem like a no brainer for either company. Seriously what's the logic?
  3. Gary_tintington

    Llumar curling

    Well said. I've talked to a couple of our glass companies and the cost of the new glass standard is the only thing slowing widespread use. Both 3m and Llumar have seemed to double down on security film as well. I would agree with the ten year mark too. As far as automotive, 3m is making moves to come through with a non reflective looking ceramic finally but I haven't heard of llumar doing anything.
  4. Gary_tintington

    Llumar curling

    Tom, why do you think the flat market is dying out? I know llumar even stopped making 48"rolls for certain vista films. Their standard llumar flat selection really does suck.
  5. Gary_tintington

    Worth switching to 3m?

    Very cool. Thanks for the input guys!
  6. Gary_tintington

    Worth switching to 3m?

    Awesome thanks for the video! Do find yourself getting multiple roll sizes and vlts of crystalline or will 40% sell to most?
  7. Gary_tintington

    Worth switching to 3m?

    Thanks for the reply. I was hoping you'd chime in Dynamic. Regarding the increased install difficulty, is it just longer shrink time and getting used to the thickness? Are there problems with touch ups, pressing down debris under the film, fingers, glue smears, peeling, ghosting under heat?
  8. Gary_tintington

    Worth switching to 3m?

    I'm considering changing our entire auto lineup to 3m. We would carry Obsidian, Color Stable, and Crystalline. I'd say we're currently an 80/20 shop with flat glass being the majority so an increase in auto film cost wouldn't be really significant right now. This is an effort to bring in more auto customers strictly based on brand recognition. The shop is in an upper middle class region of Austin right down the street from a 3m campus (maybe will work even more in our favor). The Austin crowd isn't necessarily overly concerned with brand names in my experience, compared to a city like Houston or Dallas. For the 3m dealers out there; did you notice a marked increase in business because of 3m? What's your installer feedback with the above mentioned films?
  9. I agree with the approach of pushing your shop above any brands. It is you, not them making it happen after all. If any of our customers want a name brand, it's either CTX or Crystalline that they ask for; it is a very small percentage of business. Suntek CIR I would skip because of haze, lack of track record, and their unwillingness to fix past scratching issues. I personally didn't like the look/tone of xpel. CTX is a thinner feeling film. It looks and performs great. It's been solid for years. Totally agree with them all feeling the same, performance wise in real world scenarios.
  10. Gary_tintington

    Best Heat Rejection Film

    You shouldn't be worried about metalized film and interference. It's a non-issue.
  11. Gary_tintington

    Best Heat Rejection Film

    V-kool 40 is 65% tser (heat rejection) interior install(10yr. Commercial warranty will beat any exterior warranty). Llumar dr35 is 56% tser will be way less expensive than both vkool and prestige. Both Llumar and V-kool will be awesome for nighttime visibility.
  12. Gary_tintington

    Geosheild's pro-nano ceramic

    Also no failing issues we've seen or heard of from Solar FX. We also their Vintage line.
  13. Gary_tintington

    Geosheild's pro-nano ceramic

    This was a while back but if I remember right I didn't like the amount of haze in the geoshield sample I recieved. We've been using Solar FX FXtreme since this thread and it's bad azz. Easily my favorite ceramic compared to any other ceramics (or other top line film constructs)around. The films that I see regularly and have laid in the past include CTX, Pinnacle, crystalline, Huper, Suntek xp, Solar Gard ultra. Taking in consideration, customer feedback, performance, installer friendliness, color tone, clarity, lack of low angle haze and price.
  14. Gary_tintington

    Windshield tinting

    We're also in Tx. The law also says that a clear untinted uv film is allowed that is not amber, red or blue. It says that if a film is applied it has to also have a vlt of 70. I know some factory windshields have a lower vlt than others, and when filmis applied some may slip under the limit. We install air 80 all the time. I think it's hard to find a solid answer because of what's considered "clear". Not to mention a slight blue hue is really subjective. If anyone can make this crystal, please do.
  15. Gary_tintington

    Film equivalent for Huper Fusion 10

    Anyone know of a close match for Huper's fusion 10? We don't need it to match performance, just the look of it. Color, light reflection etc.