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  1. Spoken like a true gentlemen. Stay warm up there Slick.
  2. Stewy, that boat will be easy.
  3. Slick, wow you're pretentious. That was a legitimate question as to why you've got so many failures and we don't. Whether it's salt water or climate, I can't say, hence the question. It could just be that people keep their boats in storage half the year around here. I've seen all kinds of film fail for different reasons at different lengths of time on autos, flat glass. I'm not such a jacka$$ that I think all film will fail in similar applications though. Different variables always. Deflate your head a bit, come back down and be helpful.
  4. 19yrs why?
  5. Tilt the film and trim it top and bottom so you have a few inches. Trim the bottom and shrink. Scoot it down then shrink the top. Reset the film then cut only the bottom curve that will be closest to the panel on the inside. Smooth down the bottom curve and take what fingers you can make to the top and shrink a little more. Set the bottom curve with a little gap (won't be seen) and cut the verticle edge. Now put the film on the inside surface, line up the verticle edge and bottom curve and trim the rest on the inside. At this point, if there's anything that needs a bit more shrinking, you'll notice. This is my routine for the huge curved side windows. Usually a 3 piece windshield. The ones like the picture above are a piece of cake. Kinda hard to explain, hope it helps.
  6. Do you mean the scratch resistant coating? We've done lots of boats and have never had a problem or film failing issue.
  7. You should consider Solar FX Ceramic. 35%vlt- 56% tser 20%vlt- 62% tser It's an awesome film, doesn't look weird like crystalline, and will be cheaper than all three alternatives.
  8. From what I hear you have to run a couple extra squeegee passes because the film is non-porous. Is that the case?
  9. Does it seem like the performance matches what the numbers say? How do you think it compares to any other top tier film?
  10. We're thinking of adding vkool to our flat line. What do you guys think of the film? Real world performance, ease of install, looks, past experience, any info really. We've installed lots of different brands over the years but not this one.
  11. Client wants 8" verticle solid vinyl stripes at 3/4 in. width with 3/4 in. negative space in between on the second surface. They also want 48" verticle frost stripes (same width and negative space) on the first surface set in the negative space of the 8" solid vinyl stripes. We've decided to plot weed and tape everything. We've also decided to go with poly frost for the 48" stripes for cost effectiveness. Any suggestions for install? What's the best way to have them offset perfectly as they will be taped and possibly hard to see film lines. Thinking about using a lazer level also. Any input on any aspect of this is greatly appreciated!
  12. The gaskets are not in the best shape. Some of them are coming out of the channel. Grizzly, glass is not tempered, dual pane heat strengthened.
  13. We've got a job for dual pane heat strengthened glass. Customer would like blackout. Is an exterior application still going to be too risky on the dual pane?
  14. We charge enough to cover the cost and make it worth it obviously, but with decorative we get a lot of one or two window jobs, bathrooms, things like that. I've been charged $40 shipping for a 4'×7' piece, and others where shipping is more than the film itself. Their shipping is often more than double anybody else's. So, any other options?
  15. Their shipping cost is rough. Product line is great!