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  1. We charge enough to cover the cost and make it worth it obviously, but with decorative we get a lot of one or two window jobs, bathrooms, things like that. I've been charged $40 shipping for a 4'×7' piece, and others where shipping is more than the film itself. Their shipping is often more than double anybody else's. So, any other options?
  2. Their shipping cost is rough. Product line is great!
  3. We use Solyx right now. Any other good decorative film suppliers out there?
  4. Beretta and 90s Era Cutlass without a doubt.
  5. All this considered. Johnsons Palisades 50 or 40 (actually 45 and 55 I think), are the most attractive IMO. They really nailed great performance with a neutral, somehow visibly enhanced rich interior tone. One of those films that makes your view and definition more crisp.
  6. Johnsons Sunlight 70 looks neutral looking at it straight on, but at any other angle it's extremely reflective looking. This film just came out this year so you may want to ask more questions from the company offering it. For starters, it needs to have the edges sealed to prevent corrosion. With your proximity to water, being in Seattle, Johnsons requires it for this film because of its metal content. There's a few specturally selective or ceramic films with low reflectivity you should consider instead. Plus if the glass is dual pane (probably is), then the Dr 35 option would still be on the table, or Llumar's N1040 or 50 neutral series (reflectivity is about the same as the dual pane glass).
  7. Hey fellas, we're bidding on a commercial job that has low-e tinted tempered glass on most of the project. They have spandrel clear glass for the rest, and they want to tint these to match said tinted, tempered glass. Plans call for PPG Solar Gray or approved equal. Any ideas on a good match?
  8. Thanks
  9. Does anybody know a distributor that carries Solar Gard? Texas based would be a plus!
  10. Dark non reflective film is a popular choice of many restaurants and other ambiance driven businesses around me. We're down in too hot Texas, and I know that that film has a high absorption rate. I'm very aware of film recommendations concerning high absorption rates (type of glass, direct sunlight, various shaped shadowing, the whole bit). This film, as far as I can tell, is a dyed automotive 5% vlt film well above the recommended absorption rate. So my question. How much have you guys pushed the limits?
  11. Ditto jh812. It would be easier to just stock one,and 5 bucks a car is a small price to pay to be the shop that offers a little more instead of the shop that offers a little less.
  12. Any of their dual reflective line would be good. Or silver DS. These are going to be reflective for sure, but it's the best for heat rejection and safest because of their lower absorption rates. You need to find out which surface the low e coating is on. If it's on the inner most surface, I wouldn't even mess with it.
  13. Good feedback thanks. We'll be trying some on an explorer first.
  14. One or two monthly. We can get more, but I'm apprehensive to push it until we get a reliable product.
  15. Just checked again. Still ridiculous expensive...