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  1. h_womble46

    GCC Jaguar V XL 40" plotter for sale

    Text me at 9195246647 please
  2. h_womble46

    Shop / Garage Lighting

    Love that set up. Shop looks great
  3. In search of a plotter 40" or bigger to cut window film. No preference of brand just let me know what you have. I am in NC but willing to ship/travel to get it. (919) 524-6647 thanks
  4. Windshield on an F150 trying to take the mirror off, that was when I first started lol
  5. h_womble46

    Thoughts on this, tint topic?

    I'm guessing you have never installed tint on the windshield of a vehicle? Which is illegal in nearly every state?
  6. h_womble46

    Jaguar 40" Plotter For Sale

    Pm'd you
  7. h_womble46

    Tinting a camper?

    I recently got asked to tint a travel camper and I am wondering if I can use automotive film on it or would I need residential film?
  8. h_womble46

    Thoughts about computer cut!

    A LOT!!! I just received mine last week. Patterns aren't 100% perfect but I know how to shave and or file. I've had a couple issues with tracking and it's eat some film. However I have not got my light out to cut back glass or on top of privacy glass once. Also the sun strips are a breeze now. Some guys may be able to cut the side windows as fast as a plotter but try cutting a contoured front strip in the same amount of time. It just isn't going to happen. They have their ups and downs but right now I'm happy with my purchase. What brand did you get JH?