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  1. has anyone done the moon roof?
  2. What is so special about this file? I have never filed a window yet. can you use a fine file or is something specific you have to have when filing?
  3. yes it is. I run a plotter and I leave about an 1/8th but it still is inconsistent. frameless doors I widen the pattern and cut with a blade.
  4. Fixed it with exactly what you said. One of my buddies owns a interior customization shop for classic cars and he said always keep it in your box. You never know. The customer was informed about the tab because there was a slight discoloration on the glass. But sure beats $1100 for a new top installed.
  5. Damn just had my first major issue with a car. I read this and was like I'm going to take it smooth popping the connection out and got one off and the 2nd broke off the window. Fml!!!!!!!!!
  6. I bought it and tried it once. I have a hard time accepting new tools. lol I'll let it sit there till I'm ready to give it another try.
  7. Thanks everyone for your expertise. I do not tint to many higher end cars but we all have to start somewhere. My name and quality is keeping me really busy for a part timer. My next car expensive car is a benz amg sedan. I will have to ask for your expertise again on this one soon as I get a year and model. Thank you fellow tinters
  8. I told him to push it down in a day. If he really has an issue please come back and I will steel wool it longer. By popping the panel the install was butter.
  9. I told him to push it down in a day. If he really has an issue please come back and I will steel wool it longer. By popping the panel the install was butter.
  10. I just did BMW with side window dot matrix. What's everyone's best practices?
  11. I bought pvc tubes with end caps. A little pricey.
  12. I wish you had a small fee to view this site for serious Tinter's. Would that help keep that out?
  13. I keep getting emails of Chinese writing what's going on with that ?
  14. I do not own a shop I tint at home but my garage is set up just like a shop. I do work a 40hr job as a service tech for energy windmills. I have a plotter and Carry 3 lines with different shades of film of 2 manufacturers. Tinting is something I always loved. you can make something boring to have an edge. My rates are slightly lower than the shops in my area because I am a home Tinter. I stay busy and have good traffic 9-12 cars a month and 4 sets of fronts average. Quality is what keeps me busy. The dealer is in an area where tint is at a high rate. So with that being said I account time and travel. 1hr round trip drive and packing up my stuff.
  15. Yes what tint dude said sorry on the delayed message. Some times I use a popsicle stick wrapped in shop towel. And do not press hard when film is still wet you will see ripples. What I like to do is heated up a little bit with the heat gun till you see the water Hayes go away then lightly press it with a little heat. If you use too much heat and you could potential he blister the film.