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  1. Did you use a plotter to cut the film or hand. Was the back windows have plenty of room with the dot matrix or it had to be spot on From adhesives
  2. Where did you buy puffy paint! Also the large back glass did you reverse roll it so you will not contaminate it while moving around the back?
  3. Do you know if this car has fiberoptic for the speakers?
  4. Damn slick! Sorry for the poor verbal writing skills. What tips tricks and things I should know about this car to help with an easy install. As in door panels,removal or 3rd break light and back glass. Thank you in advance!
  5. I have this car coming Saturday morning tips tricks advice door panels for your deck third brake light
  6. top did pop back side scewe on panel and ducktape felt easy peezy 2 fronts. film and vinyl design patter was way off. had to widen.
  7. Thanks guys much appreciated. It will be here tomorrow am.
  8. smart ass lol. I tint part time. So I can be selective at times........ is this car a pain? impala 2000-2003 ihave not tinted one yet but would like advice before i commit
  9. any one had to pop the tops or advice on 2 front windows installation. thank you in advance
  10. I check the trunk after the install and there was nothing. Unless it ran down the sides into the rear 1/4 panels. I talked to him again and it went out again. So I'm assuming after letting it air out it relived most moisture. He stated he closed up the car and put it back in the garage. The fallowing morning it started clipping again. I told him call me in a few days and stop Turing it on. Let it air out.
  11. I have one on the books. How did it go?
  12. I have a 2002 impala coming it's 15 years old not looking to tint it. Side seals are a pain on this car?
  13. good news the guy called and stated he left it out side for 2 hrs with a fan in the trunk and folding seats down and everything works. money in my pocket.
  14. And then again I have a 2001 Lincoln contentental felt master in my garage right now
  15. Perfect will do. Thank you from the advice. Yeah 2nd biggest issue I have came across beside a busted defroster tap. I tint part time for a home base business and what a confidence killer. That car looked so damn good.