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  1. film suitable for perspex/plexiglass

    We just recently used Blister Free on a big Yacht here in town. I noticed the instructions stated that it is not for use on curved plexiglass. We only applied it to the flat glass
  2. Tint graphics on hair salon

    Awesome! How many pieces?
  3. Core recycling. Anyone found someone that can accept them yet?

    We give many of ours to a guy who runs an amazon business. He uses them to ship items. We also have a guy stop by every once in a while who uses them to make cat trees. If you put them in a direct sunlight for a week or two they become extremely brittle and can be smashed down in to more manageable pieces. Are they biodegradable? Does anyone know? Biodegradable plastic usually breaks down like this.
  4. Pic of the Week #585 Submissions

    Hmmm. Ok. Atc15 all around with upper/lower bands. 13 feet to the roof.
  5. Imperfections in ‘18 charger bg

    I've had a few Chargers with silicone from the seals smeared across a visible portion of the back glass near the bottom. Doesn't sound like this is the case, but maybe? Maybe residue from the silicone?
  6. That's rough they're being so tough about it.. I do know the meters have an uncertainty of about +/- 2% and that the vlt of the glass itself can vary 2 or 3% depending on the location being metered.
  7. Pic of the Week #581 Submissions

    New Kicks. Atc35
  8. Pic of the Week #579 Submissions

    Dat Glass. Atc35
  9. 2019 Jetta

    Very Easy car. It is similar to a Passat, but you don't need a screwdriver or need to remove any trim panels as the tops pop up and out of the seals like other VWs. Only thing to watch out for is the panels are clad, like a new F150, so need to be careful you don't pull the cladding off the panel. It feels like they are held on by weak plastic welds.
  10. Pic of the Week #578 Submissions

    1966 Ford Falcon CTX35
  11. Pic of the Week #577 Submissions

    Llumar Deco Red. Camera doesn't show rear is done too.
  12. Almost walked out today !

    It's like Karma is getting you for something. Or some cars, I swear, are just cursed. For me it'll be an entire car like a Jetta or something I can polish off in an hour and a half, or an hour if I move right, ends up taking 2, 2.5 hours. Every goddamn window I have to do twice, and the plotter is eating the damn film every single cut. Like YOU RAN FINE all day. Why this? Why Now? I will Hammer You! I swear!
  13. Is 5% tint on the windshield reasonable?

    My experience with 5% tint is it's dangerous. You just had yours done. Perhaps you haven't had much experience yet? All it takes is that one teenager skating along the sidewalk late at night wearing all black clothing, and you will see why it's dangerous. I almost ran him over, you will too. I only had my side windows done, and always refuse to do front windshield any darker than 20% regardless of how good their eyes are. I have one kid ask me all the time, and I always respond No! You will kill someone. Also: Blinding other driver's at night with excessive headlights is just so inconsiderate. Having to blind other drivers just so you can see through your windshield is just ridiculous.
  14. It's just the moisture in the atmosphere. The warm air, warm surface causes some of your solution to evaporate, and then, when the vapour touches a cold surface, it will condense and land. Happens all the time to me. Hasn't caused any issues other than the odd finger. Fingers are easy to lay because it's all wet; the glass is already lubricated.
  15. Pic of the Week #572 Submissions

    50th Anniversary Atc05