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  1. ericferguson8

    New windshield, time for tint. 50% vs 70%

    So you think 70% would be a waste for $150? Did it change the look or block any glare?
  2. ericferguson8

    New windshield, time for tint. 50% vs 70%

    I can believe that, the first time I ever had tint I went with 40%. It didn’t add any privacy so I went down to 20%. But in the sun it’s really see through. So I gave 5% a try and I can’t go back. I don’t find it difficult to see out. Plus I like the added darkness inside the cab, not to mention It completely blocks the sun. Love the look as well.
  3. ericferguson8

    New windshield, time for tint. 50% vs 70%

    Both, if I could get away with 35% on the windshield I would. I loved the comfort the 50% added, you didn’t really need to use sunglasses with it. I’m not sure what brand they used but I believe it was a ceramic film. Plus my truck sits in the sun all day and I’d like some protection since my dash is leather. They charge $150 for windshields up here, I was wondering if I’d notice a difference in the cab with 70%, plus I like that light smoke look. 50% just looked really dark from the outside considering it’s a “light” film.
  4. ericferguson8

    New windshield, time for tint. 50% vs 70%

    I've tried every shade up front and I don't care to run anything lighter than 5%, nothing blocks the sun like that does. I've ran it for 6 years and I've never had a pull over, I only got bothered for the 50% on the shield and where I live you aren't allowed any tint besides on the back windows.
  5. Hey guys, I'm trying to decide between these shades for my full windshield, I've had 50% in the past on this truck (2017 Ram) and I absolutely loved it. But the cops sure didn't, it wasn't overly noticeable with factory tint matching but once I went dark (double 15% fronts, 5% over 20% rear) it looked pitch black from the front. I wish 60% was an option but its either 50% or 70%. I know 70% is practically transparent but would it add a little shade since I'm running dark tint all around? 50% didn't hinder night driving at all and it added a lot more comfort in the cab, I'm wondering if 70% is a waste or not. Both pics have 50% on the shield, just with different tint set ups. Thanks!