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    2015 4 runner back glass instructions

    I consider myself a very experienced tinter and this window taught me a few things! This is a very difficult window because of how the vehicle acts - the door must be closed to roll the glass - when the glass is down part way it will automatically roll down 2/3 before it goes up all the way.... what I call a nightmare and it cost me a few mess ups before I nailed it down. Here is what worked for me. You will need a helper. Window up all the way. Tuck outer moulding. Lay film across glass slightly in the tuck line. Wet tack a horizontal line across the center. Heat shrink as much as you can into the bottom. Trim on the defroster lines about half way up the glass. Now lift the bottom and have someone roll the glass down 1/3 of the way. Rough cut the top edge. Heatshrink what you can out of the top edge. Do you final trim. Go beyond the defroster for the top half and then join your cuts together at halfway down. This will make it look nicer when the owner has the window halfway down. Now window up all the way and untuck the outer bottom gasket. Now get your helper to close the door on you sitting inside. Window up all the way tuck the inner gasket. Do your cleaning then helper puts the glass down 1/3 of the way using the inner controls. Helper opens the door and you peel the film protector 2/3 oF the way from the top like a roll up door. Get inside and helper shuts the hatch on you. Install the top edge and hard card like a normal roll up. NOW when helper goes to roll the window up all the way the truck is going to drop the glass 2/3 of the way automatically before it goes up all the way - I don't know why but be prepared by holding your lower film away from the glass. Now window up all the way. Now reach under and tuck your lower moulding again cause it will have popped up. Clean the lower half cause it got dirty when the window dropped on you. Install the bottom of the film and you will have lots more shrinking to do on the inside bottom edge. Shrink those figures and hardcard. You're done. Now flip out the lower inner gasket. I wasted 3 chucks of film because of thay Damn auto down window to learn this truck. But now I feel confident I can nail them in the future. Good thing my city doesn't have a Toyota dealership! I hope this helps the next guy.