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    Bidding commercial jobs or fleet jobs?

    Tom thanks for the reply. I was told by other 3m Certified companies not 3m themselves. This is more on the wrap, commercial install not window tinting.
  2. Is there a site where you can bid for commercial print and install? what about Company fleet wraps? I was told after being 3M certified they have you listed on their website and the jobs will flood in!? anyone agree? Thanks!
  3. Currently at the shop we have 2 people on a car. Person 1. Cleans, layout rear windshield, heat forms and lays the rear. Person 2. Cleans Cuts and heat forms all the side and qtr windows Person 2. Clears inside windows and applies tint Person 1. Finishes the rear and helps with the side windows. How long does it take you to finish a standard sedan? one person or 2?