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  1. Tiger Tint

    Any of you guys got any advice for me

    I always roll the window down a little extra then roll it back up a click or two before cutting or installing the tint. You always make sure the last direction you roll the window is up. Do this to every car that comes through, it only adds maybe four seconds to the tint job lol
  2. Tiger Tint

    Tacking issues

    Hey guys I've recently been having some issues with the film tacking too early. Some cars seem to be worse than others. But I have tried J&J shampoo, tint slime and film on. They are all about the same with film on being worse. I start my slip with 1/4 oz and slowly add more but no matter how much I add the problem keeps happening. The first two picks are what it looks like when the tint is on the glass. The last picture shows it on the tint after I pull it off the window. Hoping you guys will have some ideas or have had this problem before. Using Llumar and also tried a sample of solar fx with the same issue. Thanks for all your help!