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  1. Well things certainly have changed in the last decade. Shrunk out piece a cake, those bottom flappy corners are what I have to deal with now. I might put some adhesive promoter down there since I don't have an extra guy with a heat gun
  2. Really? Yes really. So I'm about to start this car and I have not done one of them in about 10 years. Does anyone get this done in one piece because I remember struggling with that back in the day. I'm sure I'm a little better now
  3. Anybody know if the program and computer are compatible or I need something with windows? Also wondering about a reliable small plotter for mainly cutting sides....vent visors have finally worn me down enough to consider using a plotter again. Sold my 40" DGI years back and don't miss the bulkiness of it but the convenience I do miss. Thanks. Also so don't know if a MacBook Pro has the plug in needed for most plotters??
  4. Who tinted the other 999 of em and why me
  5. Has anybody done one of these back windows and had a customer come back saying that the headlights behind them appear between every set of defroster lines. Kind of like headlights are stacked up on top of each other. SunTek HP 30
  6. I tell everyone it's my full time side job. They laugh, I laugh, they get it and then they realize they should've learned to tint
  7. 2 door Focus hatch. I guess was like the 2010 or so. 30 minutes for the whole car.
  8. I used hydrogen peroxide once and it worked great. Other than that pin that bottle down good and blast it inside with a pressure washer if you've got one. Fresh water every day no matter what