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  1. I removed one of these the other day. step 1: open trunk and unplug brake light and release seats to put them down step 2: back deck clip removal find the 3 rubber bump absorber buttons behind where the seat was and pull them out if possible or they may need to be turned out counterclockwise part of the way. (They are threaded) Step 3: clip removal behind the part of the seat that is remaining up when you have the seats down on the left and right side there are two more push clips or whatever they're called that need to be removed with a small panel tool or flat screwdriver. The center needs to be popped halfway out then the rest of the clip comes out. Try not to drop them or they will be lost behind the cushion and not worth the effort of getting back step 4: side panel removal. get your fingers behind the panels that are on each side of the back glass and pulling towards the center you will release two clips and when they come free you will begin to pull towards the front of the car while being careful to note how the bottom front comes apart from the back deck step 5: removing back deck there are 3 clips coming down from the back deck that come through the metal. These need to be squeezed by a pliers enough to be able to pull up on the back deck so the clips cannot reattach themselves and cause you to need to pinch them free again. So while punching each one pick up on the back deck and hold it up and away. Once these are free you will simply pull the deck towards the front of the car with enough strength to get it out. Replacement is is as easy as your recollection of how you removed it all be careful for the cable that runs sideways along the top of the metal deck when putting the back deck wants to snag one of the guide clips that holds it in right by the brake light area now go TINT Oh I just saw someone else left their instructions
  2. Once I get the pattern cut and set in place I let it sit there and drain while I tint the door window. Then I take the blade of my swiper and slide it out a few inches to have reach and squeegability for the bottom part of the window. For the top part I use my fingertips to push out what's left up there and sometimes I'll shove an ezreach in there to touch things up but my rule with these is if they look close to decent I try to leave them be so I don't have to go through all that again. Charge accordingly
  3. Pull up on the middle piece by getting a tool under it enough to get your fingers behind the plastic the center piece should come off pretty much straight towards you once that's off you can get your fingers under the side panels pretty easily and just pull toward the center of the window should come right off reinstall is tricky but making sure the top (top when the hatch is open) alignment tab is going in straight will get you onto the clips lining up its a really easy removal and helps tons for installing the film because you're right they are tight
  4. Dude! That was a mean move how he flipped that into the air and caught it. Big props
  5. Reverse roll is definitely the beginning of the problem. I've heard that from many others. I never had success with it and just grab the tint and cradle er on in. Far as cleaning goes just scrub, squeegee, paper towel the stuff the squeegee misses and stick it
  6. Thanks all. Maybe I'll start buying the 36" then and keep what's left in my boxes for those odd ball ones. I've done a couple of those eclipses this year but never thought of it. Far as the other ones go I'll skip work the day I schedule one
  7. I've been buying 40" rolls forever and got some 36" rolls recently for windshields but I'm wondering if there are any rear windows that a 36"roll won't cover because I'm thinking I may be throwing money out since I barely ever use the extras for brows. Who knows what??
  8. I like the one with the samples on it too ok ok mirrored one also
  9. That one from bestbuy is large! That's what I'm talking about. Now I want to make something nice
  10. I'll be shirtless until I get it in the mail. Please hurry
  11. What's everyone got for pics of peeling glass that is not attached to a wall. I need to build a few for a new location and looking for ideas. Sorry if this has been covered
  12. What's that mean
  13. Just wanted to express the gratitude and respect I have for this site and all the contributions of the members. I recently had to tint a Lexus sc430 and the owner was warning me that the rear windows do not go up when the top is aopen so he didn't see how I could tint them good up to the top. I didn't even hesitate to schedule him in. Totally forgot to look the car up before he got there too but wasn't too worried. Less than 5 minutes and I was standing there with the top down and all windows up thanks to this forum. Customer extra impressed as he could find no help from google. This was my most recent use of the site but over the last 13 years I have visited when I was stuck on something and always found helpful info surrounded by real experience. That's all I've got for now. Thanks Tintdudes
  14. Bull dozer did the trick for me. Also yes, I flipped the passenger latch and the window did not go up. So then I Unflipped it, closed the door, and flipped it again and it worked thankfully.
  15. Well things certainly have changed in the last decade. Shrunk out piece a cake, those bottom flappy corners are what I have to deal with now. I might put some adhesive promoter down there since I don't have an extra guy with a heat gun