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  1. Did my first bulk piece of PPF today.

    Lesson number one learned. Don't fool oneself and use generic PPF that is a pliable as cardboard. The hood came out good, but bumper , let's just says one word. Frankenstein ;-)
  2. Took me like an hour to slowly work a front hood area on my truck , the film I had was scotch pro . I was relatively pleased with my process until I got to the hardest part , front hood curved areas about the headlights and grill area. Totally messed that part up , tried to minimize problem using hairdryer which helped a little but still no managed to make a tear and tiny fingers , will post pics later. My question for now is , I'm aware of start point and on, but are there any areas where one should not leave until last when applying PPF?I'm thinking the areas I struggled with should have been tackled earlier.
  3. Strange round shapes outside door glass

    Hello fella, wasn't that much worried just curious.[emoji3]
  4. Strange round shapes outside door glass

    I tried to take pics to attach to original post. But couldn't get the focus right.If they were round then I'd say suction marks also. But appear cloud shaped round.

    How about glasses that have a sandwich layer of film in the middle from factory. The 2016 Prius has a what appears to be a laminate film inside the glass on the doors. I posted an issue with weird marks on wife's windows when wet in another thread.
  6. Strange round shapes outside door glass

    Correct. Only noticeable when window is wet. Or if one sprays solution on glass and wipes it. During the smearing process when wiping it's clearly noticeable. And you know what? It does look like cloud shaped circles that a heat impression can perhaps leave behind.Also I noticed it when the vehicle has accumulated dust on the exterior glass. Areas in question are also visible in this scenario. If and I'm not assuming he used a heat gun or torch on the outside glass area to heat up tint, is this normal practice?
  7. Lines I've seen were due to free-handed installer cutting clear coat. Only really noticeable when film is removed.
  8. Was wondering during my experiments and PPF fails if it were possible to use the backing paper of a precut PPF shape to make another one ? Meaning to perhaps put the backing paper over a new piece of bulk film and use the olfa knife to cut around and create myself another precut. Is there other methods ? Thanks.
  9. 3M Pro series

    Been searching on this forum and read many posts about Scotchgard Pro. Seems the general consensus is Suntek/Xpel. Oh dear.. ordered 3m lol. Should have read more. My question is however, that later forum posts dated primarily late 2014 and mostly in 2015 say not to even bother using IPA when using this PPF, and to perhaps just use more baby shampoo with distilled water. Do they mean don't use it at all or just don't use it in the slip solution but do use it on the second bottle to help adhesions.? For those that don't use the one bottle solution per what 3M says. Some also mention reducing the single bottle mix to 15% IPA or I think just use second bottle with the reduced IPA percentat for edges etc. Thanks
  10. wind noise after tint job

    Try pushing on the top glass when you hear the wind noise. Start on one corner then slowly move fingers pressing against top of glass and around edges to see if that makes a difference.
  11. Need PPF installer probably

    So anyone care to recommend anyone that can fit the parts locally to me for a reasonable fee? I pulled the trigger and ordered hood and bumper precut kit from invisible shield. Chose 3m scotch pro version of film
  12. Strange round shapes outside door glass

    I doubt it. Maybe 40 grit sandpaper ;-) or failing that a hammer. Hahah
  13. Strange round shapes outside door glass

    Man, this is crazy. On passenger window a huge round halo ring pattern emerged when I wipe it down with a damp cloth. Almost paranormal activity stuff lol.
  14. Need PPF installer probably

    I was tempted to bulk the hood and fenders myself. I tried scotch pro film was easier than some other stuff I tried in the past. But my aggressive squidgy style left some marring.Also, as a noob. Shall I get the wrapped hood precut or non wrapped. I'm thinking non wrapped for ease sake.
  15. 2016 Prius front window quarter glass gaps

    Still got the white horizontal zig zag streaks in the middle area of the passenger front glass. Only visible from outside.