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  1. What other hobbies do you have?

    You mean there's a life after we leave the shop??? And mainly squeeze in a Mexico trip whenever I get the chance I live about 4 hours away from the border
  2. Just make sure you go in there and own up to it that you dont like it....dont go in and be like my wife has a problem with it....you know I dont care but my wife.....I can see right thru that I'm pretty sure other tinters can to
  3. Imperfections in ‘18 charger bg

    ive had that problem with the bg looking like the defroster start looking like they blew out....or white with brown streaks
  4. 1 ply 1 mil Lifetime Warranty

    Lots of slip and use a super soft window squeege like the unger handle with the black rubber on it...then use your final pass tool....i worked at a shop that used that type of film for dealership cars
  5. average amount of cars.

    Nice thats where im about also. my company is trying to push more cars but i dont think i can do more cleanly.
  6. average amount of cars.

    not asking for a pissing contest but what a comfortable amount of cars you can do in a day?
  7. 1 ply 1 mil Lifetime Warranty

    hahahaaha.......swap meet special!?!?!
  8. What did you tint today?

    What's the point of even getting one
  9. What did you tint today?

    I hate that effn car
  10. Fusion hybrid, blue max, or orange crush???

    Dude grind that biaatch down....I did it to my last 2....
  11. Fusion hybrid, blue max, or orange crush???

    Orange or clear
  12. Towels

    Only us tinters would have a 2 page thread about paper towels!!!! Lol
  13. Towels

    I honestly wash them with all the other microfiber towels I toss them once they look dingy
  14. tesla

    What film are you using
  15. Towels

    Just letting everyone know these towels are the shiiieeet....they don't tear and are perfect for cleaning quarter windows!