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  1. Tools

    When it comes to working for someone else or a shop... is the shop supposed to supply tools?
  2. Prices

    Ight...I do 120 tint jobs...but that's all family and friends
  3. Prices

    We sell 3m so I'm not really worried about quality
  4. Prices

    But like you guys said I'll get over it
  5. Prices

    I found out one shop is using CIR suntek for 500...and it just bothers me that they're bringing down the prices...it hurts everyone
  6. Prices

    So I guess there is some local shops offering to tint a certain car with a huge rear window (uhum 3) under 500 bucks...does anyone think these people offering cheaper prices are hurting our industry? Is there a way to fight this?
  7. Hardest roll ups to bottom load

    Anything with a window....jk I'd have to agree
  8. Tesla Model 3

    Model 3 custys are the biggest a******s ever....every shop I've spoken with hate doing them bunch of whiny little .....yea those cars are headaches.... but the money is gooooooood!!!
  9. Door panels marks

  10. Door panels marks

    i found it used on ebay!!!....i just have to switch some of the trim over All i do is bottom load...but ive seen people just push the window outwards to install
  11. Door panels marks

    I did not cover it with tape or anything but lesson learned....cost 300 to replace door panel
  12. Door panels marks

    2014 640i gran coupe Idk if I did it or not honestly Any advice on getting it out...its not water stains on the door....its raised
  13. Pic of the Week #594 Submissions

    Finally got around to hosing and scrubbing the whole shop today....
  14. Need advice regarding shaving

    either use a small file or learn to shave with an olfa blade..i usually heat up the window with a torch squeeze out the water and then hit it with my blade