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  1. MaxxedOutTint

    Solar fx ultra scratching.. confused

    I've been using the classic an carbon an haven't had that. Give them a call an I'm about 99.9999% positive they'll treat ya good. There great people could it have been just dirt in the inside seal? We all clean the best we can but ya never know!! It is weird it was the ultra though
  2. MaxxedOutTint

    Been gone a while Site looks great!

    ??? I didn't have the route you had but I'm glad to be back to. I just want to comment on everything it seems like lmao
  3. MaxxedOutTint

    Ceramic Film Options

    SolarFX all the way!!!
  4. MaxxedOutTint

    Pic of the Week #516 Submissions

    I mean..... what?!?!?!?!!!! I've been out with work for a while but what is this about?!?!?! Amazing to say the least!!! Great job!!!
  5. MaxxedOutTint

    2013 vs 2014 Jetta

    Yep should be right on!!!
  6. MaxxedOutTint

    Pic of the Week #516 Submissions

    Corvette, 20% front two, 5% quarter's and back window an 50 on windshield, SolarFX!!! First picture i started to heat it then realized I didn't get a picture yet
  7. MaxxedOutTint

    $99 llumar, is it real?

    Wow, that's some great math there!!! I don't even understand it honestly, but if it works for you that's all that matters!! Hahaha
  8. Don't bother using the "cheap stuff" to learn on. Buy the "good" stuff, or whatever you are wanting to use and learn on it. All film will act differently in every situation. To me it's like learning how to ride a bike without training wheels an the next day buying a Harley. Your best bet it to learn with what your going to use, that way you know the film an what to expect!!!
  9. MaxxedOutTint

    Small house boat

    Hey everyone!!! Lord has it been months since I've been able to get on here, been so busy with work it wasn't even funny. Anyways, I've got a person interested in getting a house boat tinted still that has been waiting for a long time now to get it done, I checked it out again today an it has the classic purple bubbles tint. I've tinted boats but never stripped one, especially with years old tint, is it safe to use a razor? Or should I get some stripper or something? Thanks a head of time!! Glad to be back on here!!! Edit: it actually it's a "house boat" it's more of a pontoon that's enclosed for the most part
  10. MaxxedOutTint

    2016 Impala

    Just cut the break light out, save yourself, please. Unless you like dicking around with stuff you don't need to be. Other then that, typical winders