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  1. JL Graphics

    Tint Tek 20/20 for free

    Glad your having good luck tint wizard!! I've been with them for less than 2 months now and have been locked out twice now! Locked out in the first week because they forgot to reset my licence (screwd me the whole weekend) went to log on first thing this morning and I'm locked out again! (Another 2 customers lost today) I have 15 months on my subscription so there's no reason to mess w my license.
  2. JL Graphics

    Locked out of Tint Tek

    How did you get him to reply??? Im locked out for the 2nd time in less than 2 months!! This is a JOKE!!!!!!! Ive tried calling and texting him to no avail! First time they messed up my license time. They apologized and give me extra time at no cost. keep in mind I paid a year up front. Went to log on today and says software not licensed.
  3. JL Graphics

    Cutting Software...Whos everyones choice?

    Cutting Software...I cant even type this morning...
  4. I need out of tint tek! What are you guys having good luck with? How does Precision Cut compare? Thanks
  5. JL Graphics

    Side Window. Question

    Just getting into tinting...have several installs completed..I'm using tint tek program. My question is..when laying the bottom 1/3 of window..I'm struggling with getting the sides in thus sometimes creasing the tint from where I stopped w the top. I can eventually get it but sometimes have to redo from damaging tint. Ive watched several videos to see what I may be doing wrong..but in most videos they tint doesn't bunch up as much as mine.thus they seem to be able to tuck in edge much easier..it's almost like these templates I'm cutting are much bigger. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!