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  1. Tint peel boards! Let’s see yours

    I think I saw the video where you showed your method a while back. Anybody have a link for it?
  2. Sensor on Town and Country windshield?

    Yep what Bham said. That’s a Viper remote start/alarm antenna.
  3. 15-18 Sonata

    Oh yeah - rookie move on my part. If you want to remove the rear headrests there’s a pin hole opposite of the adjustment button. Insert a pick tool and the headrest comes right out. Makes life easier.
  4. Streaks Behind Brake Light

    I totally agree. I hate cutting out brake lights, looks much cleaner without for sure. However I always cut them out, unless someone specifically asks me not too. Just trying to cover my ass haha! Utah law says there can’t be any film between the brake light and glass, highway patrol is known to write “fix it” tickets for it. Even though they did away with annual safety inspections, this is something they still enforce on the road. - Lame! I just don’t want someone coming back to me asking me to redo their rear window because they got written up for it.
  5. Streaks Behind Brake Light

    Not a bad Idea! Didn't think of that. Those are black & white squeegees are about as thin as it gets. I've been doing lots of work for the local Hyundai dealer and the Sonata rear decks are tight! Thanks @Bham
  6. Streaks Behind Brake Light

    Hey guys! Does anyone have any tricks on cleaning streaks of dried up slip solution from behind third brake lights? Specifically on tight rear decks? I hate to send cars out the door with streaks, but last time I tried to clean them off with a squeegee I pulled up the film and almost had to redo the rear window!
  7. What does “DRY” refer to? (Flat Glass)

    Oh okay cool. Thanks for your input. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t buying a weird film that would require some sort of fancy install or something. If I only choose two shades to start what would you recommend? Any input on roll sizes?
  8. Hey guys, I’m ordering my first order of flat glass film and I’m looking at the Express Delta Dual Reflective. At the end of the description it says DRY. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this across other suppliers as well. What does this mean exactly?
  9. The Whale Tail

    I bought one thinking I’d use it here and there. Haven’t used it once. There’s really no substitute for a bulldozer IMO.
  10. Can you tint windshield over glare strip?

    Ehh. I did my full shield in 70% ceramic over my 5% visor and the line isn't enough to bother me. Maybe I'm just used to it? However I will always recommend a removal and reinstall when doing a full windshield after the fact.
  11. Best Place To Purchase Tools

    x2 Interwest Tools
  12. What did you tint today?

    Those aren't very fun. Those doors are loooong!
  13. What did you tint today?

    2019 Veloster. Just one rear window on the new ones. That two piece rear window on the older model was a pain. Express Classic Black.
  14. What did you tint today?

    ^ Looks like film from @SolarTintWF / @legacywf
  15. Last one to post #887

    Hey @TQtinting turn on your private messages! I have question for ya.