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  1. Top Brand Window Film

    Used hp 6 13 22 for years alot went bad split in two ugly bro ugly ...solar fx Armolan global qdp...
  2. Top Brand Window Film

    What's the number to global???
  3. Cut without adding extra

    Do you bump up the bottom so it's not hard to tuck on the inside
  4. Finally mastered shaving framless roll ups !

    Do you get a gap or real tight look on edge bro ???
  5. Training

    Where are you willing to travel ..??? To train???
  6. What other hobbies do you have?

    Making babies 5 kids i have haha !!! 3 boys 2 girls......
  7. Finally mastered shaving framless roll ups !

    He sent me that video too...do you just do up strokes like him with blade..
  8. Finally mastered shaving framless roll ups !

    Make a video bro...
  9. Finally mastered shaving framless roll ups !

    Olfa carbon???
  10. I finally mastered shaving side roll ups I heat with the heat gun let it sit then go back and heat it again then shave with the one inch stainless steel blade hope this helps someone trying to learn.... it's all about getting the right angle with the blade and make sure the blade is new on every window
  11. Top Brand Window Film

    Does he back up the film ???
  12. Airplane paint remover for strip and retint !!!

    This guy is funny ...hahaha
  13. Top Brand Window Film

    No no no solar gard crap and high price...llumar 3m solar fx or global... why don't you like Flex film ???
  14. Help burnt plastic molding on mazda 3 2018 ?

    I burnt mine by quarter glass heating small crease out.....how do you tint with your bottom hahahahah....
  15. Airplane paint remover for strip and retint !!!

    This post and video actually help me because after I sweat the window in the Sun or steam it and it doesn't work I thought the only alternative was replacing the glass this just shows what to do on the last attempt with gloves fan and mask of course !!!