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  1. I have been using Sprayway glass cleaner for the last squeegee before install before I was using Dawn and it was leaving streaks and I was getting contamination let me know if this helps anyone it's been working good I know a few people on here use it just wanted to share with you and use distilled water always with whatever you're using
  2. Can i get a 24inch or 30 inch plotter for sides only???

    What program did you use for tint patterns what was best progarm???? Also was it hard to set up are strip and roland blades expensive...also is cutting program for tint monthly fee or one time payment??? Thanks bro...
  3. Bad job or normal issue?

    All specs looks like sandblasting on rear outside Window.....
  4. Fusion all type slip solution?

    Finding that sweet spot is great...when it happens tint job goes fast and smooth.....
  5. Fusion all type slip solution?

    Does all type have alcohol or something in it ??? Why does it get wierd if you add more ???
  6. Fusion all type slip solution?

    Does your wife know your using joy and her sister dawn ??? Jk Hhhahahah
  7. Fusion all type slip solution?

    Where do you buy film on how much do you use per gallon ???
  8. High Quality Film? Not A Dealer? Not A Problem Anymore

    Youtube better for u haha
  9. Fusion all type slip solution?

    Orange slime is good but you have to put exact amount if not it distorts the glue like dawn...out of all this stuff i like equate baby shampoo its safe but dosent slip good for me in summer.....fusion just reminded me of clear equate baby shampoo...did the name brand johnsons slip better???
  10. Fusion all type slip solution?

    Tried sample today worked great had to use alot though more than instructions say to use.....used in spray bottle...not tank yet....didnt see a real difference from generic equate baby shampoo....
  11. Fusion all type slip solution?

    Anyone use this stuff heard its good trying it today...sample....
  12. Bottom load - Peeling off vehicle

    As long as car is clean boards are better though...can you cut on plexi glass for handcutting ???
  13. Just checking in

  14. Just checking in

    Still full from thursday ..
  15. Hydrophobic Glass Cleaner

    Cheers to you too we used to use the cheap sos pads just rinse all the blue soap out of them or it gets everywhere on light colored decks...!! They are like 10 pads for a dollar.....