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  1. Best slip solution ratio?

    Yup let her slide !!!! Slip n slide !!!!
  2. Can i get a 24inch or 30 inch plotter for sides only???

    What is a good cheaper starter plotter ??
  3. Casper Cloaking Film

    Get heatgun shrink fingers..maybe...
  4. Can I buy a small plotter for side windows only has anybody done this
  5. Tools

    Yup or give u a raise....depends on how much your making $$$
  6. Prices

    Sounds like he gave u a raise budd!!!!
  7. Bulldozer fix when the blade falls off

    Heck ya do what works for you same bulldozer for 6 years hahaha peace...wont let a car leave without my bulldozer yo!!!!
  8. New redline squeegee any body tried them ?

    Thanks gotta get one 44 tools??
  9. Anyone using Tintwiz?

    What is it for sales or stock ???
  10. Windex only for wetting and application

    Baby shampoo and water or joy dishsoap....use distilled water...windex will eat most film adhesive bro....
  11. New redline squeegee any body tried them ?

    Do you like it does it glide good and push out a lot of water ???
  12. Has anybody tried the new Redline squeegee from Fusion tools heard it's good
  13. Bulldozer fix when the blade falls off

    Yes sir glad to help !!!
  14. True Black Or Classic Black Film?

    Scrub scrub scrub 0000 steel wool
  15. Bulldozer fix when the blade falls off

    Hope this helps!