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  1. Thanks bro always a pleasure talking with you!
  2. They are easy to tint out just dont scratch putting them back in....
  3. Nice pic do you have pictures of files you use???
  4. Nice dirt bike
  5. Yes sir your rite....
  6. Does the exacto get dull or can you sharpen it?
  7. Thanks send me shaving video I will drop you a gift in the mail for helping me out...its worth it!!!
  8. Good idea after hours!!!! And more cash up front paid in full!!!!
  9. Thanks guys only want to use it for frameless and wing vents!!!! How much for video stan ???
  10. Hide hide hide
  11. Does it help clean it?
  12. That's what I did i trim all rubber still dirty..clean clean clean...came out good just time consuming I wouldn't tint it without trimming rubbers....
  13. Nice do you got a pic of the file any tips on how to do it I kept getting a tough edge today??
  14. Was it dirty
  15. Don't like to do them takes along time and removing hardware sucks happy it came out clean so was he.....