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  1. Any tips for 2017 Toyota CHR???

    Thanks bro i made the whole pattern inside with a scrap liner and a sharpie bro....then cut out real piece of tint on glass board...then scooted it down to shrink top then scooted it up to shrink bottom worked great those quarter Windows sucked had to cut alot of rubber no room!
  2. Cutting back windows with dark film (can't see)

    Thanks im hitting AutoZone
  3. Automotive Window Tinter

    What town how may cars a day will Tinter have to do??
  4. Any tips for 2017 Toyota CHR???

    Man these little Windows are hard and any tips on rear spoiler???
  5. 2017 nissan rogue door panels??

    armolan 15 percent
  6. 2017 nissan rogue door panels??

    Thanks bro!
  7. 2017 nissan rogue door panels??

    Are these panels easy to pop guys???
  8. Hard card

    Nice kit how much???
  9. 2016 prius door panels???

    Sorry it was 2008 not 2016 haha!
  10. 2016 prius door panels???

    Got her done!
  11. 2016 prius door panels???

    Ok thanks yes im top loading now !
  12. 2016 prius door panels???

    Doing a prius in the morning do door panels pull easy???