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  1. Stewy

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    @OverLord is that your truck? Thats bad ass.
  2. Stewy

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    I've taken them out before and it is sometimes tight but this one would not move at all. When I replaced it, it wouldn't go in. I spent about an hour cutting the 3rd break light to slide in.
  3. Stewy

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    I did an audi the other day and the 3rd break light wouldnt come off and I accidentally broke it. Audis and Beemers are in the same category for me.
  4. Stewy

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Thanks, we have a couple things that we want built before signing the lease. Basically a small hallway that connects to the bathroom. Other small things as well, but nothing big. Moving to a larger shop with smaller office. The shop we are at is nice but the garage is small, twice the size of last years shop but we are out growing it. Its 1500sqft of office and 2k of garage. This new one is 500 office and 3500 garage.
  5. Stewy

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Found a new location last week. 4k sqft. 3 car garage. Suppose to sign today.
  6. Stewy

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Corned Beef Hash is my favorite breakfast food.
  7. Stewy

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Man today was a good day. Had the most SFX ceramic in a day. 7 full SFX ceramic, 2 windshields, and 2 DUBIR. Every customer that walked in upgraded to ceramic.
  8. Stewy

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Is it just me or did Captain Marvel suck? I should probably watch it again to see if I really dont like it.
  9. Stewy

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Damn Roach, that sucks. Hope everything works out for you. But, I thought you were rich.
  10. Stewy

    AS-1 Line Expert Needed

    3 years for a glare strip.... Inmate 1: "wat u in 4!?" Inmate 2: "murder" Inmate 2: "what you in for?" Inmate 1: "I ma mothah fu**in G son! GLARE STRIP! Was up!?"
  11. There are soooo many shops looking for tinters. Too much work not enough tinters. Go to Yelp and call everyone.
  12. Stewy

    Tinting friends and coworkers rides

    You are going to end up redoing everyones car once you get good. Atleast I did. I couldn't go to sleep knowing all the cars I practiced on looked like shit and people talking about it. How did you get your film?
  13. Stewy

    Got our first Hail car!

    Sorry guys, I forgot to take a picture of the car. Anyways, we ended up just doing the hood. I dont know exactly what happened with the insurance company but we did pretty good and got all the dents out. But, there was a lot of rock chips on the hood and the insurance company decided to just replace it. Long story short, we finished the hood, some fenders, some on the bed, and some on the roof. Prob spent about 3 9 hour days on it. Didnt want to charge them, but they insisted to charge atleast $1000.
  14. Stewy

    PPF Sign-In sheet

    Does anyone know where I can get a PPF sign in sheet?
  15. Stewy

    Where can I hire experienced window tinters?

    If you find more than 3 send the 4th west