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  1. Mine is Jameson right now.
  2. No generators boss?
  3. Either you have a giant shaquille oneil hand or that's a tiny can.
  4. Same here. It's legal as well.
  5. Duggan showed me how to use a very expensive plotter last year. Had a security film job that was basically given to us. It was at a government building. We decided to give it to a friend of ours who has been in business for a while. He took it and I believe it was over 5000 sqft. He two pieced the windows and put some black 1/2 inch strip of something on all the sides. There is an insane amount of bubbles as well. It's weird cuz he is one of the best tinters in town. Now he is getting ripped apart by the customers. I'm so glad I didn't do it. It would have been our first security film install as well.
  6. Look for DUBir in your area
  7. You da man @whitehog!
  8. That car should be tinted with the sweeps off or panels off. It's hard to top load that vehicle. The sides are tight. If I were you I would try to get the panel off and bomb drop it. @jh812 can prob help you with how to remove the panels or sweep off.
  9. Well.... I guess I gotta call Derek for a sample. Seems like someone invented bread with these kinds of reviews. The funny thing is we were just talking about the green slime and how some of our installers like it better than baby shampoo.
  10. What type of vehicle is that?
  11. I wasted $2500 worth of film from learning on my own and I still felt like I wasnt good enough or the quality of my work was not that great. That's when we decided that we needed training to see if our work is acceptable. I wish I would of went to training with stan before I touched tint. He intruduced me to Global as well. I tried a lot of different film in the market and never found one that I like until he showed me QDP Global.
  12. Window Tinting would be @flat rock stan training class. I took it last year and it's the best decision I made. If you have any further questions, ask away.
  13. Just walked around the lot and saw 25 JEEP renegade! It counts as an SUV and it's full tint! Yay!
  14. Oh shit. Bob Turner does live in Reno NV.
  15. MORNING! the guy that claimed he is the champ for 2015 Must have seen my post here. Because now the trophy and advertisement of being a champ is gone.