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  1. There are soooo many shops looking for tinters. Too much work not enough tinters. Go to Yelp and call everyone.
  2. Stewy

    Tinting friends and coworkers rides

    You are going to end up redoing everyones car once you get good. Atleast I did. I couldn't go to sleep knowing all the cars I practiced on looked like shit and people talking about it. How did you get your film?
  3. Stewy

    Got our first Hail car!

    Sorry guys, I forgot to take a picture of the car. Anyways, we ended up just doing the hood. I dont know exactly what happened with the insurance company but we did pretty good and got all the dents out. But, there was a lot of rock chips on the hood and the insurance company decided to just replace it. Long story short, we finished the hood, some fenders, some on the bed, and some on the roof. Prob spent about 3 9 hour days on it. Didnt want to charge them, but they insisted to charge atleast $1000.
  4. Stewy

    PPF Sign-In sheet

    Does anyone know where I can get a PPF sign in sheet?
  5. Stewy

    Where can I hire experienced window tinters?

    If you find more than 3 send the 4th west
  6. Stewy

    Upgrading your brand

    How expensive?
  7. Stewy

    Paintless Dent Removal classes

    @jh812 was telling me about the glasses that helps with colorblindness. Gonna give that a shot once I actually start looking into it.
  8. Stewy

    Paintless Dent Removal classes

    Also thinking about doing the bumper repair training. My only problem is the paint match (im color blind)
  9. Stewy

    Got our first Hail car!

    I got about 40 dents out. I dont have time to do it right now. We are hella busy with tint and PPF. I need to hire a tinter so I can step away from it. Still working on it everyday though. The good thing is that we have it for a while. Monday is slammed with tint. But, I have maybe an average of 1 tint per day next week. We plan on having it done by end of next week. I got another 100 dents on the roof and another 40 on the bed. Also ordered more glue and tabs and lighting.
  10. Stewy

    Heat display questions

    @whitehog and his team are making a heat box. It is coming right on time. I wanted to replace my front counter heat box.
  11. Stewy

    19 Ram changes

    Not all 19 rams changed, just the 1500. Have you seen the limited 1500? About $100k truck, its pretty sick.
  12. Stewy

    Pic of the Week #607 Winner

    Yay 2 in a row!
  13. Stewy

    Last one to post #932

    I was way off on my bottom cut. Atleast I bottom loaded though.
  14. Stewy

    Exterior Commercial Film

    Thank you!
  15. Is there such thing as a 35% exterior film? Graffiti, securty, or anything thats 35%?