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  1. Stewy

    Paintless Dent Removal classes

    Yes we ended up going to Ding King. But we havent had time to practice the craft. We are slammed with everything. We are booked out for a month+. It is so hard to squeeze it in. We are thinking about taking the free training retake at ding king.
  2. Stewy, what is the name of your shop?  I will react out to Xpel and have the rep contact you.  

    1. Stewy


      Battle Born Auto Electronics and Window Tinting. Thank you!

  3. Stewy

    Changing our film line up

    That sounds like a nightmare. For me, the film quality is very important but a good rep is alos just as important.
  4. Stewy

    Changing our film line up

    I tried getting a hold of expel but they wont call me back. It's wierd cuz the rep actually came to our shop trying to sell us expel film 2 months ago. I definitely wont go Lulu if it is rolled backwards. Crystalline is only a mile away from us so we are shit out of luck. @flat rock stan we carry SolarFX Fxtreme which is the ceramic line. It is actually our best seller. It is in line with Global, Im not trying to change SFX product and service is very good to us. Our lineup is SFX Ultra (dye), SFX FXtreme (ceramic), and DUBir (ceramic IR ). In order from good, better, and best.
  5. So I have been thinking about changing our film line up. DUBir is a great film but it is rolled backwards. It is causing the film to roll into itself and we are getting a lot of wasted film. To be honest, it is making us mad that we pay $800 a roll for it to have a very stupid problem. Because of this, we are looking into changing our lineup. What do you guys think I should look into? I'm hearing Huper Optik is a good film.
  6. Stewy

    Is it time to move on?

    Delearship tinters count 2 front windows as 1 vehicle. If that is the case, that is very possible.
  7. Stewy


    Thats exactly what Im saying. You keep it real. You never delete anything. Good or bad. Thats why this place is so much better than the facebook groups.
  8. Stewy


    Looks like you already know what is up. You notice how Bhams comment didn't get deleted?
  9. Stewy


    I wrote something really mean. Decided to censor it because i dont want to hurt peoples feelings... 🤣
  10. Stewy


  11. Stewy


    Just research it. You will read some horror stories.
  12. Stewy

    Facebook Groups

    If you mention you get your comment deleted.
  13. Stewy

    Facebook Groups

    Are full of drama and lies.
  14. I heard that removing the glass makes it easier.
  15. Last time I checked, the darkest film was 40%. I know they were trying to make 20% and 5%. @Midtown Houston would know.