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  1. Stewy

    Is it time to move on?

    Delearship tinters count 2 front windows as 1 vehicle. If that is the case, that is very possible.
  2. Stewy


    Thats exactly what Im saying. You keep it real. You never delete anything. Good or bad. Thats why this place is so much better than the facebook groups.
  3. Stewy


    Looks like you already know what is up. You notice how Bhams comment didn't get deleted?
  4. Stewy


    I wrote something really mean. Decided to censor it because i dont want to hurt peoples feelings... 🤣
  5. Stewy


  6. Stewy


    Just research it. You will read some horror stories.
  7. Stewy

    Facebook Groups

    If you mention you get your comment deleted.
  8. Stewy

    Facebook Groups

    Are full of drama and lies.
  9. I heard that removing the glass makes it easier.
  10. Last time I checked, the darkest film was 40%. I know they were trying to make 20% and 5%. @Midtown Houston would know.
  11. 20% is just right. It also depends on your sight. You can kinda see at night with the 20% but not that great. Im on the fence with the dark on the rear and light on front. Everyone has their preferences, Mine is just very different from everyone else. I would stick with one shade all around, legal or not. Dont forget to try to get your windshield done too. That extra heat rejection helps.
  12. Also, with a huracan. If it was my car, its either 50% all around or 5% all around. That limo tint all around on a luxury vehicle just looks good to me. My personal preference and it is illegal.
  13. Im a realist and although I carry DUBir. Everyone knows that Crystalline is a much better product. But with tinting you are not paying for the tint (as far as high end film is involved) you are paying for the installers quality of work. All the high end film are very similar in performance they are maybe 3% differences.
  14. Stewy

    Smart Car Fortwo

    Cool thanks guys!
  15. Stewy

    Smart Car Fortwo

    I cant find any info on these cars. Anything to worry about? 2009 is the year.