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  1. Last one to post #925

    Graduated! I just realised that I can take a quarter size dent out in less than 5 min. $50, minimun, in 5 minutes is not bad.
  2. Last one to post #924

    Good morning! Last day of my PDR training..
  3. Last one to post #923

    I was at 145 3 months ago. I saw a scale at my friends house in the middle of his kitchen (wierd LA folks) weigh myself and saw 165... Gotta do something about it.
  4. Last one to post #923

    Gonna go eat some Dimsun. Reno doesnt have it.
  5. Last one to post #923

    @jh812 your in LA?
  6. Last one to post #923

    Good morning! Last day of the first week of training.
  7. Lotp #922

    Good morning errone. Great Lakers game last night! Stupid, lyft driver had lavender shit in his car and it made me puke. I hate lavender.
  8. Lotp #922

    @Roach they are actually 5th place right now but the western conference is crazy. The 2nd lowest team would be in the playoffs if it was seeded on the east.
  9. Lotp #922

    LA people are trippin out over rain and complaining about 60 degree weather... Im like WHAT?! People getting into accidents too.
  10. Lotp #922

    Going to a Lakers game tonight. Should be fun.
  11. Lotp #922

    Morning! @Bham Paintless Dent Removal. Patience* lol.
  12. Last one to post #921

    Good morning! Second day of PDR training. So far so good. 8 more to go. Alot of my tinting patients are used for PDR.
  13. streaks and fog

    I had a very angry customer call and tell us that he had streaks on his windows and they cant get it out. Told them to bring it in. The streaks were on the outside and it was just oily residue and just needed to be wiped off. We gave them a free step by step training of how to clean windows.
  14. Tint peel boards! Let’s see yours

    @Jake you showed me how to snap shrink back when I was having troubles with metal film ghosting. Ever since you showed it to me I have been using the shit out of it. EVERY single car roll downs is snap shrunk, cept frameless, they seem to have a little more than usual. Anyways, YOU DA MAN JAKE!
  15. Tint peel boards! Let’s see yours

    Check out my awesome mobile peel board. I bought a clothing hanger stand and a white board from Wal Mart and then customized it. You cant cut or shrink on this peel board I just use it for the delearship 2 window tints. We precut our film at the shop and preshrink for the delearship, snap shrinking. By doing this, we can do 40 2 front windows in 3 - 4 hours. Excuse the mess