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  1. It's pretty obvious.... Go look at what kind of film that Dragon Distribution sells. You can put it together from there. I mean no one really says where it's made but you can kinda tell where it could be made. Good luck bro!
  2. I ordered from Tint center when I first started. Their film sucks it started fading within a month and it was during winter. Go check out SolarFX they are much better and the film actually cost less. Tint center is also sketchy, at one point they were selling Suntek, Llumar, and 3M online which I think is very wierd.
  3. Good morning my peeps! Been a while since I posted. Been super busy. I work at Tesla now and do the shop full time. To top it off, we have SEMA truck that needs our full attention. But I still creep here though...
  4. I got lucky. Had to deal with a Dodge account from the very start. So dealt with wranglers, 200s, 300s, and Chargers for a whole year with a ship that sold 100 a month. I honestly think that those cars made me better really quick. Lots of headaches and long ride home but I'm glad it happened to me.
  5. Welcome bud!
  6. Spray the floor a lil bit. Always keep your hands wet. Don't touch anything but the film. Don't let any wind get anywhere near you. Spray the air right before your remove liner. Install the film faster after you remove the liner. Where is the contamination on your film?
  7. You need to contact them directly. Unlike many company, they still believe in human interaction.
  8. I think DUBir is in UK.
  9. The accountant can help you with all the licensing you need.
  10. First I would go to school for training. Second I would get an accountant. It takes a while to be good unless you already have experience. As far as training I would highly suggest @flat rock stan training classes. As far as tint I highly recommend @whitehog SolarFX film.
  11. I got arrested
  12. Morning peeps! Balloon race today. I'll take pics for those who missed it last year.
  13. Nice. Welcome to the FX family bro!