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  1. @DynamicAppearance introduced me to rapid remover and it is the best adhesive remover out there. It won't stain panels and you can also use it for vinyl removal. I use Jiffy 4000i I think @jh812 told me that if I'm serious about window tinting, I have to buy a commercial steamer that will last long and do its job good. I use tap water..... should I switch to distilled?
  2. GMC 2500 door handle broke while I was opening the door. Could've happened to anyone but for some reason it happened to me.
  3. Is that a racist joke?
  4. I believe when we moved to the new forumn my auto subscription got disconnected. Just reminding everyone to check your subscription you might be unsubed and you don't even know about it. :cheers
  5. I had sushi for lunch. Now I'm getting wing stop!
  6. Haha. I'll do it for next week
  7. Got a cruty who gave me these for doing his car on a sunday and gave me a $20 tip...
  8. Never done one. Any advice or tips?
  9. I dont think I have ever shared this. Here are my tools for BGs inside the vehicle. The pouch rolls up. Yup I'm a little OCD everything has to be organized.
  10. Yes sir! It's Pentagon. Made in UK.
  11. I just counted the tint shops in town again. There are now 15 shops with a 5 to 7 mile radius. That doesn't include 3 delearship who offer it.
  12. Plus we got a bunch of perks. Full sponsorship for SEMA Booth and Full sponsorship for Wheels and Tires. Myles is also helping us get other sponsorship by personally making contacts with other distributors.
  13. Its not as easy as installing global or solarfx but the scratch coat is really good clarity is VERY good and heat rejection is very good. Our customers like the blue hue and its heat rejection. Plus the name helps a lil. Overall im happy with it.
  14. Scheduled a bunch of DUBir full vehicle tint today and a couple SolarFX. I like my new Good, Better, and Best line up. Idk if anyone sells it like we do.