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  1. 1980 Honda Accord

    I can already imagine the just by the few old cars I've done. That's why I thought I'd ask the experienced guys who have probably done one or two.
  2. 1980 Honda Accord

    The rear window went on smooth I'm just stuck on how to attack the quarters.
  3. 1980 Honda Accord

    I would except I don't set the prices and can't pass on jobs since I am just a grunt. I guess there's good and bad to being the only tinter at the dealership.
  4. 1980 Honda Accord

    Hi all I'm still a newbie in the tint world I've been tinting for 5 months and I've been thrown a curve ball. I have this Honda Accord I need to tint but the quarters look like a pain in the neck. Has any one ever tinted one of have any tips for a newbie? Hopefully one of you veterans can bail me out. Thanks in advance.