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  1. DayzieArizona

    Want to get in tint business. NO EXPERIENCE

    A lot of feed back which i thank.. What does everyone recommend since a majority of comments are good luck? I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel. Just trying to learn a new skill to make money
  2. Currently i am working full time and make average income. I always had the desire to get into the tinting world and make more income. The only experience i have is tinting my own home windows which came out ok. I have thought of reaching out to local private tinting people to offer help in return for experience and knowledge. An then in return begin to start out on my own building a reputation on my tinting work. I have a house and garage which i fell i can build my reputation or work. I know the cost it takes to buy tint and tools and know the possibility to see a net profit down the road. Im looking for advice for best tint to buy at a good price and what ever knowledge anyone has to offer. Thanks. Also i am very quick learner in automotive and enjoy working on cars.