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  1. I think that most of us have been burned by dealerships, therefore, we feel your pain.(maybe not as bad as you have) Gm's and sales managers come and go. Learn from your mistakes (and other peoples mistakes). Grow stronger and wiser, as your new journey begins make it bigger and better. Dream big and conquer your new life. Hope this makes sense as my advil pms are kicking in. Best of luck.
  2. Cool
  3. These would be great for training a new employee and save me a lot of time. Maybe i could train my wife now. Lol
  4. I start with a topless one.
  5. Maybe you should stop tinting. Just kidding
  6. 30 and 20% for me.
  7. New Mitsubishi vehicles dot matrix on top center of windshield...looks like big air bubble when tint dries (customer states). I've tried steel wool, sos pads etc. to scuff it up. Any suggestions.
  8. 7 day work week
  9. The accounting dept....make them your best friend if at all possible. I've dropped accounts that are difficult and try to pick and choose new accounts carefully.
  10. Feeling lucky
  11. I was told that starting this year the third brake light must work in order to pass inspection.
  12. Tint,tint,tint
  13. Voted