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  1. The accounting dept....make them your best friend if at all possible. I've dropped accounts that are difficult and try to pick and choose new accounts carefully.
  2. Feeling lucky
  3. I was told that starting this year the third brake light must work in order to pass inspection.
  4. Tint,tint,tint
  5. Voted
  6. Thanks
  7. Happy new year
  8. I'm in liking
  9. I could have done that 25 to 30 years ago, but not today. Lol
  10. Thanks
  11. Thanks
  12. Has anyone started a tinting school or trained people to tint? Have local guys wanting me to train them. One guy is ready now with money in hand. Yes, i know they could eventually be competition. If anyone has, I'm curious about what you charged. I might be able to get a few bad rolls of film to use for the training. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks