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  1. texassunshade

    Cars that make you CRINGE...

    How about an old school Mazda rx7 back glass.
  2. texassunshade


    Anyone know if it's legal to add a uv film on a semi truck windshield.. maybe 80 or 90%?
  3. texassunshade

    anything new in tint removal chemicals

    Bag it and heat outside of glass.
  4. texassunshade

    Privacy Film Company Raffle/Giveaway

    Giddy Up
  5. texassunshade

    Peel board project

    Can you send me a picture. I mostly work mobile. Thanks
  6. texassunshade


    I'm in Florida this week. Does anyone have a tint shop around The Villages area or Daytona Beach?
  7. texassunshade

    1960 metropolitan

    I'll be doing it soon
  8. texassunshade

    1960 metropolitan

    Has anyone tinted a back glass on a 1960 metropolitan and dod it go in one piece?
  9. texassunshade

    Tint job gone wrong - Melted Panel from Heat Gun?

    If the car is fairly new, talk to the car dealership and ask them if they will cover it under warranty. Doesn't hurt to ask.
  10. texassunshade

    2016 Corvette?

    I'll probably pass on tinting the winshield. .. only install the eyebrow
  11. texassunshade

    2016 Corvette?

    Wow, thanks
  12. texassunshade

    2016 Corvette?

    Tinting the whole winshield on a 2015 vette. Anything to look out for. Thanks in advance
  13. texassunshade

    Anyone have a mobile phone ap for their shop?

    Not sure, maybe shop info, set appointments, pictures etc. Just a thought.
  14. Considering a mobile phone ap for my shop.....looking for input.