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  1. CnCCustoms

    How Much Extra Do You Charge for Front Quarters?

    It is. Understanding they’re for visibility ratings. And most aren’t too bad but we’ve seen some that absolutely suck ass!!! Since we finally went the plotter route it isn’t quite as bad. But I’d just prefer they go back to standard roll ups with no 1/4s.
  2. CnCCustoms

    What's Your Most Hated Thing To Tint?

    Hate doing strips also. Not so much since we raised the price of em.
  3. CnCCustoms

    How Much Extra Do You Charge for Front Quarters?

    Screw those new RAV4 quarters lol. We add $20 if we have to do quarters. I used to just do them because they were few and far between. But recent increase in them had to tack some on considering a quarter glass can take as long or longer than a roll up to do.
  4. CnCCustoms

    Has anyone user Johnsons's Insulat IR tint?

    Yes. I’m referring to installing with the scratch coat. Most detail shops are used to cars with window film and take care when cleaning the windows. The Johnson scratch coat isn’t so soft I’d worry about that.
  5. CnCCustoms

    Has anyone user Johnsons's Insulat IR tint?

    The 35 is a neutral grey tone. Slight blue undertones.
  6. CnCCustoms

    How Has 2019 Been For Your Tinting

    Remodeled and moved into a 60 year old service station as our new larger location February 1st and haven’t looked back! We’ve nearly tripled the last two years numbers in 8 months! 85% of tint jobs are ceramic now. And the lift/level and accessory side doesn’t show any signs of slowing down! This far 2019 has been a phenomenal year.
  7. CnCCustoms

    Has anyone user Johnsons's Insulat IR tint?

    We used it for about 2 years. Never seen a failure return. Great heat rejection. Color is ok. Very thin for a ceramic and not the best scratch coat for sure. Other than that we sold quite a lot of it.
  8. CnCCustoms

    New windshield tint- dash cam install

    Mounting it isn’t really the issue after a few days. Pulling even the suction cup off is. If it isn’t unlocked and then picked with your finger to release the suction then just pulling it off can still unlock the Films adhesive. I’ve personally seen it recently
  9. CnCCustoms

    2016 Dodge Charger Rear Window mess

    Completely agree with everyone else. We do lots of chargers for surrounding and local law enforcement. Steel wool. Wet sand. Back blade with razor. Hell do all 3. And you’re not gonna get much better than that! I even started torching them from the outside immediately after install to make em suck tight. Even then it’s not much better! Just the nature of the beast. Be thankful yours doesn’t look like some we replace from other shops!
  10. CnCCustoms

    Window tint question

    My price is exactly the same using my film or yours. Given that and the fact that I guarantee mine... never had to install the customers lol
  11. CnCCustoms

    GMC Sierra defective door panels 2014-16

    We’ve seen this many times. Considering 50% of our truck jobs are Silverado’s or Tahoe’s or their gmc counterpart. Previous 10 years as a ford dealership technician leads to contacts in other mannys. I spoke with one. He said this is a widely known issue on especially the 14 and 15 models. GM used an unknown company for their “panel protectant”. The dealerships see them constantly from simple water from rain or spills. We even tried plastic covers. But if left u attended the humidity and moisture alone will sweat the coating loose! GM technician as well as my own advice if this happens. Used a non abrasive white scrub pad and distilled water with a drop of cheap hair conditioner. And scrub the rest of the panel down to remove the top coat evenly. Pat dry and wait 10 min. Good as new. Hope this helps!
  12. So far it’s construction to me is great. And the customer service we’ve been given I have no doubts that “if” we have a failure it will be handled correctly. At the end of the day it performs great. Handles even better. And God forbid it has to be removed due to its adhesive. With the exception of global in my experience every other “big name” film fails and has their faults. We see llumar , 3m and suntek issues a lot come through the shop. And I’d find it hard to believe that all those issues with receipts testifying their origin were bait and switch jobs. No it doesn’t cooperate great with a plotter when your used to global lol. But other than setup switch. I love the film. And it added a great Ir ceramic to our lineup. added: not trying to bash any other line. Just defending Xpel this far. Hope I don’t regret it in the future but I’m all but 100% confident that won’t be the case
  13. No they don’t. From common knowledge it’s a garware product. But it’s definitely not the same color nor the same adhesive as global. The adhesive is actually stronger and faster setting. And the color has a more blue grey color across the board. Regardless who makes it. It’s a rock solid film
  14. Security film is a little different than normal neutral or DR flat glass as far as installation goes. But the process is essentially the same... cut, peel, lick it and stick it. As far as pricing goes that’s an entirely different animal. That depends on what film they’re using? Are you getting attachment? How high the windows are? And how many square ft is the job. I give my customers a break the higher the sq footage.
  15. CnCCustoms

    Removing glue on top of tint

    O Reilly sells a cleaner from a private label I can’t remember the name but can only purchase it with a shop account. Works great! Leave it on couple min and wipe off! Also cleans headliners and carpets. I’ll take a pic of the bottle tomorrow