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  1. Trouble Finding Film

    What's he trying to accomplish, privacy?
  2. Last one to post #885

    Only 28 days until
  3. Pic of the Week #587 Winner

    Congrats Jimmy
  4. Last one to post #885

    I don't understand the mentality of people like that, just completely out of touch with reality.
  5. Last one to post #885

    C.Y.A.! Good thing you did a walk around on it. Just heading into the shop myself, see if I can get anything done. Had a funeral for one of our techs this morning, only 40 and had a heart attack. Shit's crazy and too close to home.
  6. Last one to post #885

    Morning everyone
  7. Last one to post #885

  8. Training

    They both have a steep learning curve, honestly don't know that one is really worse that the other. I picked up PPF first but that had everything to do with my job at the time. I believe there are several training options in the midwest, Interwest Distribution Co has training for both tint and ppf, and @flat rock stan does tint training periodically in St. Louis.
  9. Last one to post #885

    My green turbo seems to have wandered off so I had to improvise glad I finally found a use for it since I didn't like it for tint
  10. Xpel window tint who makes it ???

    My understanding is that it has to do with non-disclosure agreements with the manufacturers. All the private label companies would probably love to tell you that their film is made by Garware or Eastman etc. but they can't, or they might not want to for other reasons. What if they're trying to build a premium brand and are trying to avoid being labeled as a reboxer? Or trying to avoid any preconceptions and prejudices for a certain manufacturer? Just as an example I've spoken with a longtime Llumar installer that thought Global was garbage because of it's price point and the fact that it's not Llumar, he never tried it but still had that opinion. Sometimes the information does make it out the back door or is speculated about, but you're not likely ever going to see an official statement from either the manufacturer or the company marketing the private label film. In some cases you might be getting the same formula. If you knew you could get your true Nutella formula out of a private label jar and save a buck or two in the process are you still going to pay more for the flagship label?
  11. Last one to post #885

    Morning everyone
  12. Wrap vs. Livery

    https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/livery Second definition, specifically subheading "d" I've always heard it used by Brits(or other Europeans) describing a vehicles (almost always a race car) paint reflecting a particular sponsor or team. Gulf Oil for instance, corporate colors/branding were blue and orange They sponsored a number of successful race cars over the years that were painted in the same blue and orange paint scheme a.k.a. "Gulf Livery", I'm sure you'll recognize it as it's imitated by many still today. As custom paint has given way in popularity to wraps I'm sure it's continued to be used in much the same manner. "Livery" should be in reference to the design/appearance of the wrap (corporate colors/branding/uniformity/etc.) than the wrap itself if that makes sense.
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    here lately at any rate
  14. Xpel window tint who makes it ???

    Just to expand further not all private label products are the same repackaged product, even if they are produced by the same manufacturer. To continue with your Kroger Hazelnut Chocolate spread analogy, the Kroger brand isn't necessarily the identical product as the Safeway, Wal-Mart, etc. even if they all come from the same place.
  15. Last one to post #884

    Saw that almost wonder if someone's trolling. Guess we'll see how they respond