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  1. Why choose? Pretty sure Irish coffee exists for just such an occasion!
  2. Mmmhmm
  3. As sweet as that'd be I think I still wanna keep this one a street car primarily, you just see so few '79-'82's still on the road. I'm thinking 331 stroker with either a 5 or 6 speed and an 8.8 IRS out of a later T-bird or Cobra. If I win the lottery it'll get a coyote swap. @Jerrybigbird I dig your daily, I was eyeing a similar GMC that was for sale near by pretty hard about a week ago but don't have the spare fundage at the moment. What's the hot rod you're building?
  4. @Englandh37 it's not in bad shape all things considered but it's a lot rougher in person than it looks like in pictures. @no ma'am yep the Desoto has a hemi in it, runs like a top and smooth as can be! The Mustang does still have a 7.5 rear in it, I'm sure it'll get an 8.8 or a 9in. one of these days. I really didn't expect it to last as long as it has, and I never took it easy on it either. 95% positive I'm going back to a stick in it, I've blown two C4's and the AOD that's in it now. The AOD was built with a TCI Street Fighter kit that should have been good for 450 horse but it lost 4th gear after about 600 miles and then 3rd about another 150-200 miles later (was on a road trip) I'm kind of sick of autos in that car at this point.
  5. Maybe just a little @TintDude quitting smoking is a bitch but is one of the best things I ever did. Sunflower seeds helped me a ton!
  6. Love mine, I have the Mustang and a '55 Desoto Firedome
  7. Damn! That's some next level work/dedication to doing it right!
  8. I've never bothered to pull the full panels on those. If you pull the screw from behind the handle then you can pop the top of the panel back and pull the sweep, I usually use a couple old yellow turbos to help wedge the panel out but you don't have to. This picture is from a Cruze but they're identical in this respect.
  9. Afternoon everyone
  10. My first car was an '80 Coupe, about as bare bones as they come, 4cyl. 5-speed, no power steering, no power brakes, I don't think it even had a radio originally although one had been added before I got a hold of it. I eventually swapped in a 5 liter with an auto (it's what I had access to for free) and terrorized the streets of my hometown. Still have it although it hasn't been driven in years, going to put a 5 speed back in it one of these days, can't seem to get an auto to live more than a couple thousand miles behind that motor.
  11. Love Fox Body Mustangs! Well all Mustangs really, but I have a particular affinity for the Fox
  12. Evening everyone
  13. Congrats Stewart