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  1. Word Association Game

  2. Word Association Game

  3. Last one to post #827

    Resistance is futile
  4. 2018 Tahoe door panels seals???

    @jh812 is correct it's the same design. When going back together make sure any plastic clips and alignment pegs are lined up and snap it back into place. It can be top loaded pretty easily, but really with as easy as it is to pull the sweeps on this one I don't see why you would.
  5. Word Association Game

  6. Last one to post #827

    Morning everyone
  7. Last one to post #827

    Never been much of a NASCAR guy, would much rather follow NHRA
  8. Last one to post #827

    Morning everyone
  9. Last one to post #827

    That's kinda cool, what're you thinking of doing @Tintmaster08?
  10. 17 Impreza

    I honestly don't remember, it's been a couple months
  11. Word Association Game

  12. Last one to post #827

    Get 'em teach 'em right
  13. 17 Impreza

    Pretty straightforward car, especially if you're pulling the sweeps. If I remember correctly I pulled the rear deck on the last one I tinted because it was pressed against the glass.
  14. Last one to post #827

    A wise decision. Congrats jimmah
  15. Chat Thread - LOTP #826

    You figure your bumper out @no ma'am?