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  1. Bham thanks for your response, just regular latex paint?
  2. Been in the industry 7 years and haven't seen any 80s camaros. I have an 88 I'm tinting tomorrow that has the wired defroster brackets in the window. I've never painted light gaps but I imagine it looks like shit, the madico sales rep recommended the film opaquer which I think is ridiculous. Any recommendations on covering the large light gaps (tint,vinyl,paint). Also should I expect the tint to not want to lay clean and flush right up to the wired defroster?
  3. Jh812 I've never seen the double shrink method. I like it, thanks for the response!
  4. I've been tinting full time for myself for 5 years now and have never run into this problem. Had an 02 Lexus gs300 this morning. On just the driver window and after a wet shrink, I was getting large fingers on the sides and bottoms? I creased the first pattern of the driver window which was the first window i installed. I moved onto the passenger which tinted with no issue and the rest of the car tinted easy as expected. I went back to the front and went through probably 7 wet shrunk patterns before I side shrunk the pattern and was able to get it installed with some additional shrinking after application. I've done a variety of years and models of Lexus and have dealt with the common issues, but have never dealt with a problem on one window like this. Has anyone experienced this? The car is finished and sold but I'm still irritated I don't know why or how to best deal with any issue like this going forward.