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  1. Kia Sorento speaker damage?

    Poppa Willy you pull all door panels and drape cloths on all tint jobs?!?
  2. Kia Sorento speaker damage?

    I’d like to think he’s not being shady, he was nice about it. Just seems strange the first one in 6 years is a Kia Sorento... im trying to think if there is a speaker on the front pillar, I was not mindful of one. they are usually impossible to miss like the Lexus
  3. Kia Sorento speaker damage?

    Customer text me today saying he thinks we messed up his speaker in his door from the water. 500+ cars a year all the same process with no electronic or speaker damage. He was in and out in an hour, no extra spray or redos on the window. Kia isn’t the most common car up this way but I can’t see anything on the forums about this being a common problem. Any insight on a ‘16 Kia Sorento
  4. 2017 gti alltrack wagon

    worked great, always makes me nervous pulling on thosei always end up breaking clips. Thanks for the help
  5. 2017 gti alltrack wagon

    Rear window looks pretty crammed in around those panels. I dont pull panels often but this one looks worth pulling. Anyone know where to start to get the panels off the rear hatch?
  6. 2017 gti all trek wagon

    Rear window looks pretty crammed in around those panels. I dont pull panels often but this one looks worth pulling. Anyone know where to start to get the panels off the rear hatch?
  7. Worse customer in 6 years

    If the guy in that video was uncle Rico it would be him to a T!
  8. Worse customer in 6 years

    Scheduled a customer who bought 2006 mustang and the rear window had about 100 marble sized bubbles. I 409 and trash bagged and let it sit in the sun, I've had good luck in the past removing tint with little to no glue with this method. That method didn't work with this tint so it was old fashioned steel wool and elbow greese. 45 minutes at least to get all the glue off the longest I've ever worked on glue removal . For the extra time needed he picked up his car very soon after we finished. He asked us to remove a sticker and what looked like adhesive on the front windshield as well which is common and i do often. My employee starts to remove the stickers right before they get there to pick up and they ask me if the windshield is tinted? What we thought was adhesive near the stickers on the windshield were actually scratches from someone else trying to remove stickers on the tint. It is illegal in our state as is in many states to tint the front wind shield so it was not something we were mindful of at all. So it started from there he was pissed we scratched the front wind shield tint that he had no idea was on there either. I told him before you pay to have that removed I would see if the crack in the windshield is legal and go from there. He proceeds to check the car out inch by inch. He would not answer my call but text me his car was a mess and he spent a lot of time cleaning it. Of course the rear deck is wet but the tint came off in one piece not multiple so I'm not even sure How there could be a mess. Also rear tint replacement came out nice and clean. The only thing I can think is we didn't clean his quarter glass which probabaly got some over spray. He was complaining about a little water residue on the exterior which I always tell customer you can take your car through a car wash for additional cleaning. I am not a detailer. He also started checking all of his paint in my LED lights including his hood and and front quarter panels and we only tinted his back window. He accused us of scratching his 2006 mustang. His wife even told him there's scratches over here and he's like but these wernt there. He slammed the door and spun the tires away from the shop I didn't even give him drying instructions or anything. proceeds to text me a message no joke as long as this thread and does the classic you got to make this right. I'm good for 1 or 2 cumstomers like this a year and they always reference making it right and "if I were the owner". He obviously didn't return my calls. I started with a fuck you text and settled on the high road. I lost sleep and woke up pissed off this morning. It told him I would love to show you the process to show There is no way we scratched your car. at the time I said you want your money back I'll send it which I have NEVER done in 6 years. He gladly said yes please and sent his address and to send asap.... If google reviews wernt around..... I'm really trying to take the high road and let the universe straighten that guy out but I really want to message him telling him where to go and how to get there! My wife, friends, or family have no perspective on issues like this so thanks tintdude.com for being there for me!
  9. I have some snow birds back for the summer and are inquiring about window tint on one skylight and about 24 square feet of office glass. Typical problem, they want the window tint advantages and benefits but do not want there windows to look tinted, Go figure. I do not stock 40%+ flat glass tint and madico only sells tint by 25ft, my regular price per square foot makes the job not worth doing at that price. Ive worked for a roll of film a hand full of times and im not interested in doing so this time, especially something ill probably never sell. Also inventory doesnt compensate if i fall off that ladder which is worth something to me. Does anyone ever price on total material costs? What is the response from the customer?
  10. Pic of the Week #520 Submissions

    2017 focus rs Madico black pearl hp
  11. Tinting front loader (cat)

    Had a customer inquire about his front loader. I've done a few bob cats and they were flat glass. The glass is curved on the sides and is straight up vertical. I've never had to shrink that large of vertical window where it is not angled like a regular back window are you able to anchor the tint with a regular H pattern? Also big nasty defroster bars with wires running in them is what really made me want to sit this one out only thing I can compare it to is 88 camaro with the braided defroster. Really if it was fall or winter and wasn't so busy With regular vehicles I would be more apt to want to take it on. I've only sat one other vehicle out since 2011 and that was the front two windows of a 50ft motor coach for the same extra big vertical window that curves on the side. Looking for opinions on handling customer with non traditional vehicles that you know will not be up to the standard your used to providing.
  12. 88 camaro wired defroster

    Bham thanks for your response, just regular latex paint?
  13. 88 camaro wired defroster

    Been in the industry 7 years and haven't seen any 80s camaros. I have an 88 I'm tinting tomorrow that has the wired defroster brackets in the window. I've never painted light gaps but I imagine it looks like shit, the madico sales rep recommended the film opaquer which I think is ridiculous. Any recommendations on covering the large light gaps (tint,vinyl,paint). Also should I expect the tint to not want to lay clean and flush right up to the wired defroster?
  14. 2002 Lexus gs300

    Jh812 I've never seen the double shrink method. I like it, thanks for the response!
  15. 2002 Lexus gs300

    I've been tinting full time for myself for 5 years now and have never run into this problem. Had an 02 Lexus gs300 this morning. On just the driver window and after a wet shrink, I was getting large fingers on the sides and bottoms? I creased the first pattern of the driver window which was the first window i installed. I moved onto the passenger which tinted with no issue and the rest of the car tinted easy as expected. I went back to the front and went through probably 7 wet shrunk patterns before I side shrunk the pattern and was able to get it installed with some additional shrinking after application. I've done a variety of years and models of Lexus and have dealt with the common issues, but have never dealt with a problem on one window like this. Has anyone experienced this? The car is finished and sold but I'm still irritated I don't know why or how to best deal with any issue like this going forward.