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  1. I have some snow birds back for the summer and are inquiring about window tint on one skylight and about 24 square feet of office glass. Typical problem, they want the window tint advantages and benefits but do not want there windows to look tinted, Go figure. I do not stock 40%+ flat glass tint and madico only sells tint by 25ft, my regular price per square foot makes the job not worth doing at that price. Ive worked for a roll of film a hand full of times and im not interested in doing so this time, especially something ill probably never sell. Also inventory doesnt compensate if i fall off that ladder which is worth something to me. Does anyone ever price on total material costs? What is the response from the customer?
  2. Had a customer inquire about his front loader. I've done a few bob cats and they were flat glass. The glass is curved on the sides and is straight up vertical. I've never had to shrink that large of vertical window where it is not angled like a regular back window are you able to anchor the tint with a regular H pattern? Also big nasty defroster bars with wires running in them is what really made me want to sit this one out only thing I can compare it to is 88 camaro with the braided defroster. Really if it was fall or winter and wasn't so busy With regular vehicles I would be more apt to want to take it on. I've only sat one other vehicle out since 2011 and that was the front two windows of a 50ft motor coach for the same extra big vertical window that curves on the side. Looking for opinions on handling customer with non traditional vehicles that you know will not be up to the standard your used to providing.
  3. Bham thanks for your response, just regular latex paint?
  4. Been in the industry 7 years and haven't seen any 80s camaros. I have an 88 I'm tinting tomorrow that has the wired defroster brackets in the window. I've never painted light gaps but I imagine it looks like shit, the madico sales rep recommended the film opaquer which I think is ridiculous. Any recommendations on covering the large light gaps (tint,vinyl,paint). Also should I expect the tint to not want to lay clean and flush right up to the wired defroster?
  5. Jh812 I've never seen the double shrink method. I like it, thanks for the response!
  6. I've been tinting full time for myself for 5 years now and have never run into this problem. Had an 02 Lexus gs300 this morning. On just the driver window and after a wet shrink, I was getting large fingers on the sides and bottoms? I creased the first pattern of the driver window which was the first window i installed. I moved onto the passenger which tinted with no issue and the rest of the car tinted easy as expected. I went back to the front and went through probably 7 wet shrunk patterns before I side shrunk the pattern and was able to get it installed with some additional shrinking after application. I've done a variety of years and models of Lexus and have dealt with the common issues, but have never dealt with a problem on one window like this. Has anyone experienced this? The car is finished and sold but I'm still irritated I don't know why or how to best deal with any issue like this going forward.