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  1. 2017 Ferarri California

    Easy money here. 45 minutes start to finish. I shaved the doors with an EXACTO
  2. The best adhesive remover YET!!!!!

    I haven't had any issues you speak of, I do a lot of Audi, Mercedes, and Porsche.
  3. The best adhesive remover YET!!!!!

    No need to take apart panels or mask anything off, it has citrus oils in it. I wish everyone on here would try just one can...Your lungs will thank you.
  4. I have been tinting for a very long time and I am forever searching for something to make removing glue from rear windows. Well I've found it. you can buy it at AutoZone for $7.99 or at Wal-Mart for $5.75. No more ammonia....Try it you'll see. spray it on, wait 10 minutes then wipe with a scrub pad and paper towels 4
  5. V.A.P.D.

  6. how I didn't want to finish my FRIDAY
  7. new lighting

    I just added 18 8foot LED bulbs to my shop, huge difference
  8. Being a Gulf WAR VET I was given the opportunity to TINT a few cars for them
  9. how do I delete old Posts??
  10. good late MORNING everyone 01 CLK to do 70% windshield
  11. Stan I really miss working up there for you, and I did enjoy our talk last week...Any other film suggestions? I tried a NR film still samething
  12. Porshce day, brother and sister

    1992 968, 20% 3m cs rear window done in one piece, and a 2018 Macan 5% solarguard wrap 35% on windshield
  13. it's been 2 weeks, it's better now with 3m cs than the other BS ceramic film. its a 2017 Maxima
  14. sorry guys for the double post haven't been on here in about ten years.