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  1. Hi guys, What is the best possible software to cut pre cut PPF? Which program do you recommend for most car models? Important to Europe cars too. Is interested primarily to cut Rear bumper deck to cars. Recommendations please?
  2. Hi! i have big problems When i install sometimes tint on example VW, Audi. After install it takes some seconds and i got bubbles on heating coils on back window. why this are happening? See attached picture.
  3. tintswe

    Plotter measure problem

    Hello! I have bought one china plotter and it's cut great window tint but i have one problem with the measure. But the problem with the plotter is that the measure i choose from Computercut example if i one rectangle piece the measure does not match when i measure piece on the table. Example i choose cut one rectangle piece 38,8 cm X 38,8 cm and the piece can cut in 39-40 cm. What can the problem be like? Is there any setting inside Computercut? I do not think the problem is pinch rolls when the machine does not cut the "whole" rectangle then.
  4. Hello! im looking for some good sign vinyl brand. We just now use oracal 651 but What more we have? No expensive vinyl. Thanks guys!