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  1. CXL Automotive

    Question about plotters

    I am seeing a lot of different companies selling plotters including their software packages. I was wondering if you are able to use any plotter with any software. For example, if you bought a plotter from Roland, would their software only work with a Roland plotter or would it work with any generic plotter? Thanks guys!
  2. CXL Automotive

    Reducing No Show Rate

    I've been thinking of methods to reduce the no show rate for appointments. Taking deposits from your clients is definitely a good way to do that, but doing so removes the trustful relationship between you and your client. The whole premise of a deposit is essentially "Hey, I don't trust you to appear for your appointment so I'm going to take your money and give it back to you when you show up". After some time of reflecting, I tried to put myself in the client's shoes. What would make me WANT to come to my appointment so I wouldn't even think about changing my mind? One word: incentivise. What other value could you provide for your client other than your tinting service? There are a lot of ways to provide your client an incentive to appear for his/her appointment such as: 1) Small discount for showing up x minutes before their appointment Provide a small $10 discount if they show up, say, 20 minutes before their appointment. This provides them a cash incentive to show up. I'd much rather take a small hit of $10 than lose an opportunity to earn $200 from a job. 2) Gift card Same concept as above, except they receive a $10 gift card of their liking. There are a bunch of electronic gift card retailers where you can just buy a card online and have the code sent to their email. 3) Raffle If they show up x minutes before their appointment, you enter their name into a raffle for a small but popular item. 4) Rebate referral program After their appointment is finished, have them send their friends and family over to you. For every referral they send, they receive an electronic gift card of their liking. These are just a few of many ideas that you can use. Get creative! Really hope this helps you guys out if you ever get a chance to try it, please post here if you've noticed a reduction in your no show percentage so we can all benefit from it. Cheers.