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  1. That's exactly what I'm thinking just don't know how to go about it considering we all want in. Thanks
  2. Thinking of starting a tint shop in the area. Have looked EVERYWHERE for a decent spot and can't find anything! Also it's me and two other guys that I can't really just kick out cause we're kind of in it together. Is that a bad idea to go in with 3 owners? We've been tinting for a company for about a year now and together tint about 300 or more cars a month at a dealership. We've be doing some side work saving up a little bit of money to go out on our own and become a decent tint shop making good money. Any ideas or things to avoid? Things to help get started? All tips and suggestions PLEASE!
  3. And we tint on the dealer property
  4. Thanks for the advice! And of course we wouldn't try and take over any accounts that we are currently in, we are fair guys and respect the business. We just want to do more of our own thing. We have few connections here and there. At first were thinking of starting a retail shop but starting thinking if we get into a dealship we'll have constant work and like you said gross around 20k a month which is about what the company that I work for does now.
  5. So for the last year I've been tinting for a company who contracts with dealerships and does all their tinting on new cars. Me and the guy I work with were thinking of starting our own company and basically doing the same thing but actually owning it. Our company we work for makes a lot of money doing it and we want more of the action. Does anyone know the best way to approach this and where to start? And ideas or thoughts? Thanks!