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    Cars. Trucks w class... Stock is lame..... Plus your import has no soul.
    BUY AMERICAN use turn signal that's all
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  1. Last one to post #827

    If I die you can have my megadeth collection
  2. Top cut issues

    I've gotten to where I use my red dot for scoring or cutting against an edge and freehand on peelboard started using nt autoloader 5 blade guy for my top edges. I cut doubles a lot and the plastic body won't score my opposite windows top edge. Practice/fine tune my cut film is the last 4-6 ft of film that I won't use on client cars.
  3. Last one to post #827

    peace sells @TintDude
  4. Last one to post #827

    I need to take my purse to the gym apparently need an easy back workout.
  5. 2018 Tahoe door panels seals???

    It's that first clip at the back that wants to fight! And it's hit or miss. I start em with a bone tool
  6. Last one to post #827

    Just used a friends inversion table @TNTLady you're right I need one of those in my life
  7. Last one to post #827

    Well my wallet is lighter but my back feels better so I got that going for me.
  8. Last one to post #827

    Off to chiropractor
  9. Last one to post #827

    waiting on heat display
  10. 2018 Tahoe door panels seals???

    They go back in easier than they come loose in my experience. Purse or no purse @jh812
  11. Last one to post #827

    sup girl get off my lawn
  12. Word Association Game