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  1. gross @jh812 came off with almost no glue right? Someone is sticking shit that looks like that around me, top edges are blue. The rest turns brown/bronze real quick.
  2. @Slick
  3. feeling good...
  4. In the end this is an opportunity to improve... but it's the little things that can be lost. You had a pretty sweet sign collection, ( I thought so ) and did the noid make it? I'd be proud to donate a metal sign for the rebuild! Please keep us up to date. @TNTLady
  5. sup ladies!
  6. Sup hightimes!
  7. Morning sirs watching peanuts movie with kid
  8. blabber mouth for the win!!
  9. Steak n taters then beer! Did I win that raffle yet
  10. Old crusty ram done, time for lunch!
  11. Nice..... good luck sir