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    Cars. Trucks w class... Stock is lame..... Plus your import has no soul.
    BUY AMERICAN use turn signal that's all

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  1. sup y'all
  2. Some folks get stuck in their ways I guess, I'm gonna need to start reverse rolling back windows and shields to keep myself in the game here soon! The old back ain't what it used to be
  3. It'll just take longer but yeah, you can watch the film and see the adhesive react if it's still wet and fresh a heat gun will take about 8 seconds to warm an area about the size of the bottom of a can of beer so it'll stick.
  4. Peel it back spray a light slip, hard card lightly to lay down film then torch the shit out of it and drag don't push film down with turbo squeegee till it looks more uniform. You may be able to improve the appearance further after it's cured a few days afterward with minimal effort too.
  5. sup y'all
  6. call of duty
  7. Jh with the win if you don't know the rules axe somebody! carry on
  8. Hope your Porsche comes back hightimes
  9. 3 beemers on ma day off