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  1. Avery Dennison auto tint

    Haven't heard anything bad about sigma pro? It's a carbon/dyed category film though not offering higher end heat rejection. I'm ignorant to anything else they sell as far as film though
  2. I stick pinnacle and rarely see those, but I don't recall a Toyota not having a felt lower seal ever in all my years. don't off road with the windows down or allow a bunch of crap to collect in your seals in or out and your film and more importantly your glass will remain scratch free for a long time. Clean your seals occasionally with soapy water.
  3. Last one to post #885

    well said
  4. Last one to post #885

    Oh good! is there a micro fiber in every door pocket? @DynamicATL
  5. Last one to post #885

    I've got a hard act to follow
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  7. Last one to post #885

    I'll take it, ppf sucks!
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    bout that time
  9. Last one to post #884

    Congrats sir
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    Mark ass trick stepped on ma sneakers an poured Morton salt all over me...
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    We need a crackhead Dave chappelle emoji! I smoke rocks ! @TintDude it's called crack..... it's great!..... all you need is coicane and baking soda.... and I think I tasted egg and cinnamon.... @Super Dave top that!