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    Cars. Trucks w class... Stock is lame..... Plus your import has no soul.
    BUY AMERICAN use turn signal that's all

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  1. Done made money today
  2. Found something custy lost under his seat. Will be sure to let panama red know where it is when he picks his car up.
  3. I remember their names from 8-10 years ago. 1 spec in a quarter window, and it's the end of the world.
  4. Explorer quarters gravy after jamming tools in em and doin the rest first! Just slid in place no fight at all
  5. Give this dude a medal ! Works great ! g!
  6. Bout to find out first hand how bad these explorer quarters are
  7. too many removals for me the last 2 weeks.
  8. Chicken fried steak and eggs over easy...
  9. Good luck sir
  10. So as I move a lot cuz I rent, I use the parents house for my ebay delivery address. Parts I'm waiting on are in their mailbox they're out of town, I have no key.