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    Cars. Trucks w class... Stock is lame..... Plus your import has no soul.
    BUY AMERICAN use turn signal that's all
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  1. no ma'am


    A hot dog bun made as garlic bread slightly burnt is good eatin! It's like the cotton candy of garlic bread.
  2. no ma'am


    Slightly burnt is the best with anything bread related!
  3. no ma'am


  4. no ma'am


    Hookers n blow!
  5. no ma'am


    That is cool
  6. no ma'am

    Bad tint job?

    If the Tinter did it, it would be more than 1 window.
  7. no ma'am

    Bad tint job?

    If the make ready department at dealer used a rusty razor blade to pull the sticker I can totally see how this happened, and I've seen it before... what car what window
  8. no ma'am

    The Chat Thread

    @TomTint you hang out with evil kinevil in your youth
  9. no ma'am

    Solar FX buyer beware.

    Just feels like slander without any evidence to back it up @Bham
  10. no ma'am

    Solar FX buyer beware.

    Oh I gotcha I'm just not feeling the post as a whole. And it's not a member, just someone who got on here to bash a product and an individual and then bolt. Will he be around to come to a resolution? @TintDude @Bham
  11. no ma'am

    Solar FX buyer beware.

    @Roach @TintDude @whitehog Wtf?
  12. The difference in 30/35 is negligible and without documentation I struggle to identify which film was installed when trying to match a window that's been replaced.