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  1. no ma'am

    The Chat Thread

    sup y'all
  2. no ma'am

    The Chat Thread

    watching kids ballet
  3. no ma'am

    Range Rover Glass Coating

    If you use that rewind to raw stuff on it you won't have as much of a problem
  4. Air 80, comfort 30, pinnacle 50 with atc 15 over it and comfort 30 with hp qdp 5 over it. Front to back trying to make old bronze/gray match best I can on the old g ride 91 s-15 jimmy.
  5. Express classic black. Buy a couple short rolls.
  6. no ma'am

    What did you tint today?

    I'm here.... and you can have the ppf my back hurts thinking about it
  7. no ma'am

    The Chat Thread

    It is crazy as hell! Definitely give it a look! @Roach
  8. no ma'am

    The Chat Thread

    @Roach you watched any blunt talk? Starz sitcom with Patrick Stewart?
  9. Your glass is a weird sliver/green. I remember sticking F1 premier (slightly better platinum plus) on your car and it was better than expected but not perfect match not sure what state you're in or the local law but I'd buy way too much all metal 35 or 40 from express and move on, maybe maybe hyper ceramic if you wanna pay for the install. Nobody sells that over the counter.
  10. Express all metal maybe
  11. All I know is graphtec but what's wrong with the Roland Thought those were high dollar
  12. no ma'am

    First time tinting question.

    Scratch will be more noticeable after install, leave the panel on or off up to the shop. Not sure about debris situation maybe pics would help?
  13. no ma'am

    The Chat Thread

    salesmen are killing me with ppf and windshield/sunroofs. If I could just do some normal sides and rear for awhile I might not hate work so much too many long projects