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  1. no ma'am

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Not terrible, hail missed dfw so it's just wet /overcast
  2. no ma'am

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Awwwwww what? I'm cool half peeling easy shit but.... what do y'all know that I don't ?
  3. no ma'am

    Car tint, xpel+ vs llumar

    Get more expensive/better llumar.
  4. no ma'am

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Only mini truck that beat me besides a syclone was a single cab short box stick 4.0 ranger he'd grab 3rd and just pull away I drove it too it was fun
  5. no ma'am

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Stupid..... love it...
  6. no ma'am

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    If it's an overhead cam 4.0 it's probably German and not worth rebuilding. If it's a 3.0 they're a better motor as far as longevity and replacement costs. @Roach not sure about the pushrod 4.0 not common around here motor pics may be helpful
  7. no ma'am

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Haven't seen your truck so can't say, but if it's not rusted through and everything else is good see about a new (rebuilt) or used motor instead of paying to replace a head gasket or rings etc. probably the best move imo. Get a new water pump and radiator while you're at it for the warranty on a reman motor. Parts are inexpensive and they'll be removed either way so labor shouldn't be much more. What motor do you have ?
  8. no ma'am

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    the 3.0 rangers are pretty solid, they will eventually leak/burn oil but they don't fly apart and are inexpensive to maintain. Or a van like @jh812 is rolling.
  9. no ma'am

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    sup sluts