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  1. I have found that there is no set procedure the architects use when producing blueprints with window film. I read prints every day. Some are easy to find. Others take me hours to find.
  2. Here we grow again. Last year we installed just shy of 200k square feet of film. Looking to hire additional experienced flat glass installers to install in Central Texas. Must be able to pass criminal background check and drug test. Company vehicle provided. Send resume to info@sunsationalsolutions.com
  3. The handles are easily removed.
  4. Stuff like this just cracks me up. You have a tin can with glass sitting in direct sunlight with no means of cooler air inside and it is expected to stay cooler when you jump into it at the end of the day. In old fart terms(myself) solar film reduces heat from entering the cabin by absorption and reflection. Auto films typically absorb more heat than reflects due to the restrictions of reflectivity in auto film laws. A solar screen on a building does the same thing, absorbs heat instead of reflecting heat. It needs the wind to remove the heat in order for the material to work. When you fire that vehicle up and start moving, the cabin will cool much faster with window film verses plain old glass. When you are at a stoplight you can feel the warmth developing, once you start moving it goes away. That is the job of the window film. Keep in mind the windshield is covering 1/4 of the glass space on a vehicle. Without film on that glass, might as well fry a few eggs while it sits in the parking lot. That way you can have a snack on the way home.
  5. Here is something not mentioned. Have you talked to your manufacturer? A competent rep can give you guidance on how to price this out. I am assuming you are trying to meet a certain security level like 3b.
  6. There is a shortage of installers out there.
  7. Do you know about security film and wet glaze?
  8. It should be tempered glass. Not a regular sealed unit. Never experienced issues in the past. Installed all types of film on them.
  9. It is not uncommon to see roller marks on the glass as well. You usually see it more when the soft coating is breaking down. I see lines on glass(especially commercial glass) every week.
  10. Why are they not a good candidate?
  11. We are looking for an installer in San Antonio and Austin market. Strictly flat glass
  12. After almost 30 years doing this It is extremely rare that I pulled gaskets. I do trim a small amount if needed. And because of that I can probably count on one hand the amount of times I have seen light gaps. But you guys do what you want. My last project was a condo on the 36th floor. The idea of removing gaskets and the possibility of glass movement at that height just does not sound good
  13. You first post was about windows that were 70 square feet. Yes there is restrictions on applying film to glass that size. it does not matter what type of film, there are restrictions. The majority of the manufacturers request prior approval to applying film to window units larger than 40 square feet. Non of those windows pictured appear to be large panes Wood framed windows can cause issues down the road. You have screws and nails everywhere. I have had a few break with screws against the glass edges. Every window I have been able to watch being replaced I have found issues with the glass. Screws, nails or other items against the glass. Glass fissures along the glass edges which are hidden by the frame. If you have the manufacturer's warranty, file a claim. Some manufacturers have a deductible to replace glass.
  14. Methods of dying polyester Old style, dip the film into a vat of dye just like you dye a shirt. Dye is on surface and will either go clear, turn purple, or any other funky shade out there. It its raw form, polyester is pellets. It is extruded into the thin layer. The most color stable dye process is having the color in the pellet. When extruded, in theory the color will not change because it is through the polyester.
  15. 70 square feet for one window is quite large. Personally I would be reluctant to install that type of film on that large of a window. You did not mention if these are single pane, IG, low-e, 1/8", 1/4" glass. Makes a huge difference All solar control window films block heat two ways, absorption and reflection. Yes P18 is reflective, but it also has an absorption factor as well. The majority of window manufacturers void their warranty if film, tape, sticker, blinds too close, etching, etc is being done to the windows. If you read further, inclement weather within 100 miles in most cases voids the warranty as well. This time of year it is cold outside and sunny. Do these windows experience shadowing throughout the day during the winter? If so this could be your problem. Sunny side will be hot and shaded side will be cold. Lots of thermo stress when that happens Did the installer get pre approval for windows that large? If so, check you window film warranty. There should be a glass breakage warranty included.