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  1. Film_Pro

    Slip tape from

    New slip tape? It's different?
  2. Film_Pro

    Cloth seats and door panel stained

    Just spray the entire cloth area as if you are detailing the car and dry it as good as you can with your towel. It will dry uniform then. Every panel out there needs a good cleaning.
  3. I have a funny feeling that if the prep is done right and parts are removed (grill and headlights stc.) that bulk installs may be easier. Does anyone here find that to be true? Which do you prefer? Bulk or pattern installs and maybe a little explanation if you have time. Thanks
  4. Film_Pro

    Where to start?

    It makes sense. Seems some patterns if not all bumper patterns are designed with the need for stretching incorporated into the pattern itself. No one ever told me so I was not sure. Noticed the shapes fitting properly once stretched from the center. Ppf is a challenge. Each car is different and needs to be thought about. It's fun. Like more info about your company. Wondering what you offer? You could email me at joerajchel@gmail.con
  5. Film_Pro

    Where to start?

    Im doing computer cut right now. I feel as though I should be doing bulk installs and want to. Could you elaborate on "anchor and follow the material" ? Wondering if I'm understanding you correctly. Really appreciate your feedback.
  6. When doing a front bumper. Do you generally start in the middle and work toward the sides? Looking for tips on how to approach bumpers in general. If there it's a heavy curve or a sharp edge do you start there and stretch away from that area? Any words of wisdom would be awesome. Just trying to eliminate the stress a little. I get the jobs done but wondering if I'm missing a more efficient approach. Thanks
  7. It could be your water source. With all that prep you should not be having a consistent problem. Try using distilled water and see if it comes out clean. I clean my bottles out and make a fresh mixture of my solutions on each job especially if there is considerable time between jobs. Hope maybe that helps.
  8. So the DAP pattern was very nice. Did the install and no need for trimming. Also did a tint job from the DAP database and was happy with the patterns for the most part. Rear window pattern was a little big but all in all I have enjoyed the patterns so far. Going to use it for the month and see. The PPF pattern needed minimal stretching and no trimming. Made easy work of the job. Only did HFM so it took no time at all on the brand new car. Wish I could get that software for cheaper. [emoji16]
  9. Going to cut from the DAP system tomorrow for the same car that was giving me issue. We will see if DAP lives up to the hype. Durango srt with hood vents. Water was pooling by these inserts. No matter how I stretched the film I would need trimming around these inserts. I'll report back
  10. So you are saying instead of the pattern you do a Bulk install? No not sure what you are saying. Having a hard time with just a sliver that needs trimming close to body inserts or molding. Stuff like that
  11. How would you guys approach trimming ppf during install. Seems like when I happen to have a pattern that ends up needing some adjustment during install and it's wet it's hard to even get a cut started. The area to be trimmed is still wet and wants to move around. These are cars I'm trying to get done and return to the customer after install. I think if I let it dry it would cut fine but I don't have that time. I get nervous to press harder not wanting to cut the paint. I see this once and a while and I'm not sure what others do in this situation. Thanks for any advice.
  12. Film_Pro

    Side swiper for roll ups??

    What's up brother.
  13. Film_Pro

    Side swiper for roll ups??

    I use one on everything. Blue blades last forever. I heat the channel and pinch it together a little to hold the blade tighter.
  14. Film_Pro

    Teflon tape? What do you use

    I believe that is what slip tape is but with adhesive. Thought about using a double sided tape and Teflon tape together to save money. Don't know of anywhere you can get Teflon with adhesive. Let me know if you find it. Love slip tape. Hate little scratches made by cards and hate sharpening cards every day.
  15. Film_Pro

    Scrubby pad contamination??

    I agree, a scrub pad can leave no contaminants if you are doing a good job with the squeegee after you scrub. Not possible in my opinion. 99% of windows have nothing to be razor scraped off of them and only need light scrubbing. Run your hand over the window before you squeegee to feel for stuck on contaminants. I have scratched many soft pieces of glass using a razor on them when it's not needed. Being that you can't scrape the back window and it comes out clean puts to rest the idea that we need to scrape side windows. My position on it.