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  1. Film_Pro

    WARNING ⚠️ 2019 VW Atlas panorama sunroof

    Spray it down with your tint solution and rub it out with a clean micro. It willl blend it in and dry fine.
  2. Film_Pro

    To all shop callers! How would you handle this situation?

    Ask her if she uses an automatic car wash. Impossible you did that.
  3. Film_Pro

    Who's using slip tape? Thought's? I don't see anything there but would love a slip tape alternative. Any more info?
  4. Some of those can work. But this guy is planning to do a bumper first time out. I'm not here too wreck it for a guy that wants to learn this skill but a one off bumper warrior is almost certainly going to waste money and time in my opinion
  5. Film_Pro

    Cordless lighting for film patterns

    No there is something in going to get. Awesome
  6. Film_Pro

    Is it time to move on?

    I would love to see anyone do 7 cars Day professionally. I have many things to learn from this guy if that's the case. There are many posts on here and the average number is 3 to 5 cars a day for most professionals. I must be lacking in some aspect of this service.
  7. Film_Pro

    Is it time to move on?

    14 full sedans? No way. Not possible at all.
  8. You are going to have to research their patterns then. I don't know if the 3m rep looks at this. I don't think anyone else is going to chime in because they know what you are facing. For a bumper it's nice to have 2 guys that know what they are doing. To buy a one off pattern you may spend as much as having it done somewhere or close to it. One mistake and the whole piece is trashed and you are out $300. Buy another piece and you just paid more than if you would have had it done. Everything has to be right. It's a challenge even for an installer with a few years experience. It's not worth it for this. You would be better off buying a 50' roll and practice bulk installing. I wouldn't suggest it but to buy a pattern will prove to be a mistake for you. Trying to help you avoid the brain damage and loss of time and money not to mention the heart ache.
  9. Maybe no one else will tell you. Don't waste your time sanity and money. Pay to get it done.
  10. Film_Pro

    Toyota ClearShield

    Yea, get it. If you will be sad when your bumper is chipped then it's worth it. It will be chipped
  11. Film_Pro

    Slip tape from

    New slip tape? It's different?
  12. Film_Pro

    Cloth seats and door panel stained

    Just spray the entire cloth area as if you are detailing the car and dry it as good as you can with your towel. It will dry uniform then. Every panel out there needs a good cleaning.
  13. I have a funny feeling that if the prep is done right and parts are removed (grill and headlights stc.) that bulk installs may be easier. Does anyone here find that to be true? Which do you prefer? Bulk or pattern installs and maybe a little explanation if you have time. Thanks
  14. Film_Pro

    Where to start?

    It makes sense. Seems some patterns if not all bumper patterns are designed with the need for stretching incorporated into the pattern itself. No one ever told me so I was not sure. Noticed the shapes fitting properly once stretched from the center. Ppf is a challenge. Each car is different and needs to be thought about. It's fun. Like more info about your company. Wondering what you offer? You could email me at joerajchel@gmail.con