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  1. bestdealtinting

    Mercedes coupe with double glass

    Thanks for your response ! will keep that in mind
  2. bestdealtinting

    Avery auto films (used to be Hanita)

    I use a lots in Aussie, appear just name changing but the film is still the same as I have been using before Avery took over, and now nothing different by the look or feel about it..unless something changes they announce otherwise they should remain the same or better i guess
  3. bestdealtinting

    Mercedes coupe with double glass

    Hi all experienced tinters, just would like to ask some advise if anyone has done Mercedes coupe newest version, there is double glass and appear a layer of tint in the middle, not sure its tinted or not..the customer said Mercedes dealer asks not using heat gun when tinting this glass as it might cause cracking? Iam not sure but just as if any of you has done and give some opinions? thanks Heaps :) regards Best deal tinting from Aussie
  4. bestdealtinting

    3M supplier

    Hi all tinters out there Anyone using 3M auto film please guide me to who is new supplier, as I dont think MEP supply 3M any longer thanks for your info
  5. bestdealtinting

    Contract pass

    Hi Aussie tinters Hope you are all well before summers kicks in.. Just wanna ask if anyone encounter contractor pass or contractor induction pass before doing some jobs for big companies. We encountered today and we can't even start with check list they peovided asked about contractor pass, totally no idea we needed for for the job? . If anyone knows, please shed some lights so future we can deal with it.. With great thanks for answer Best-deal-tinting
  6. bestdealtinting

    What the f*%k is this?!

    You might wanna check the film defect, so. Sometime there are millions of specs in the film as faulty film or poor quality product manufacture..
  7. bestdealtinting

    software for plotter!

    Hi aussie tinters a bit of help from you guys, i just ordered a plotter, i just wanna to know what software do you use in australia for window tint cut, ppf and signage cut pattern? i still try to search for as much info but still in jungle ! hope anyone can assist and let me know what is best software to use and from what name? Thanks Regards bestdealtinting
  8. bestdealtinting

    Keeping the shop floor clean

    Mop the shop floor everyday after finishing all cars. If too tired, do first thing in morning. I used to leave it a few days but the floor kept built up all dirt. So do one a day will make it nice and clean
  9. bestdealtinting

    Shop / Garage Lighting

    Hi guys I'm regular reader here but not sure what to contribute but I do learn heaps from American fellow tinters from all your experience and knowledge . Here is from Australia, I have done tinting for couple of years from home garage, just had to happen at some point, so we just settled a warehouse, and this is what I did with my lighting system, using 4 led high bay at 140w each and 10 small flood lights around at 50-70 wats for tinting and future wrapping, ppf and detailing. Hope you guys like it
  10. bestdealtinting

    Eastman Chemical Accused Of Selling Faulty Window Tint

    Tintwizard I did ask my suntek supplier in australia. They said they are aware about the situation in Korea. They ensure the film issue has been resolved as far as they said. They said they are willing to assist if any problem arise from the film issues.
  11. bestdealtinting

    Eastman Chemical Accused Of Selling Faulty Window Tint

    Just wanna ask if that is the case for whole suntek both automotive and residential films or it only affects the auto film lines?. Thanks for answering
  12. bestdealtinting

    Any PDR questions, ask away.

    Hi Omphalos just wanna ask as you have been business long time? how potential PDR career will be like? Im a window tinter in Australia, but I am really interested in this trade.. it excites me the way dents get fixed.. I will start training in feb next year.. but just wanna ask you the work prospect and how it will be like for the first year in business as a PDR repairer? Thanks
  13. bestdealtinting

    PPF training in Melbourne

    Thanks GTS great help !!
  14. bestdealtinting

    PPF training in Melbourne

    Hi all Just wanna ask if anyone knows who and where I can get some training for PPF. Im interested to go abit further about this direction and learn some techniques and knowledge about PPF Thanks and appreciate for answer Regards Binh from best deal tinting
  15. bestdealtinting

    head and tail light vinyl film

    Hi Vynilspec, do you know process of ordering it australia? thanks