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  1. bestdealtinting

    ATR adhesive remover

    Hi jh812 what is your mix water with atr solution? Don't mind if ask.?
  2. bestdealtinting

    Rear window removal

    Thanks for some useful advises, I am waiting for the car to come back and go from there will just have to tell customers all precaution and damages might happen!!
  3. bestdealtinting

    Rear window removal

    Hi Blackwolf, it is the glue, damn glue spread the whole rear sedan window, it is not flakes, I scrapped some of it between the lines to see..Very different glue type. The customer took the car for roadworthy appointment so i still need to figure out what to do til next week.. I Have tried all glue removal and iso to test the glue, but no success, I intend to use steamer and both steaming and scrap glue at the same time. Not sure if I would work a bit better or not.. this is winter over here in Melbourne.. I don't think black bag would work and I never ever used it too .. but thanks for the suggestion!
  4. bestdealtinting

    Rear window removal

    Any photos of products..we from Australia so need to see where we can find some ..
  5. bestdealtinting

    Rear window removal

    Hi Lock, it's's the Lexus Soarer 98, but the film apparently look very good, probably a few years old by the look and feel of it. I never seen this stubborn glue and definitely not auto film glue.. anyone experienced to remove flat glass film on car and seen the how the glue behaves? I just suspect but can't say much as done hundreds of removal but this is the first like this!!
  6. bestdealtinting

    Rear window removal

    Hi tindude members Please help as I have a customer car which I removed the tint. However the rear window glue stick so hard even the glue removal doesn't make it easier to does appear similar like the flat glass glue because it behaves that way and very hard to get rid of even with glue removals..What is the situation I'm dealing with?and what way to easy clean it as it has all frosted lines as well..first time encountered on car so any advise is much appreciated!! Cheers Bestdealtinting
  7. bestdealtinting

    vortex ceramic from solar gard

    Good to know guys !!
  8. Hi american tinters just wonder if any of you guys using Vortex ceramic from solar gard, one of rep came to us and introduced this film, but as its new so not so sure if any of you use it and any feedback or knowledge to share about this film? Thanks
  9. bestdealtinting

    Mercedes coupe with double glass

    Thanks for your response ! will keep that in mind
  10. bestdealtinting

    Avery auto films (used to be Hanita)

    I use a lots in Aussie, appear just name changing but the film is still the same as I have been using before Avery took over, and now nothing different by the look or feel about it..unless something changes they announce otherwise they should remain the same or better i guess
  11. bestdealtinting

    Mercedes coupe with double glass

    Hi all experienced tinters, just would like to ask some advise if anyone has done Mercedes coupe newest version, there is double glass and appear a layer of tint in the middle, not sure its tinted or not..the customer said Mercedes dealer asks not using heat gun when tinting this glass as it might cause cracking? Iam not sure but just as if any of you has done and give some opinions? thanks Heaps :) regards Best deal tinting from Aussie
  12. bestdealtinting

    3M supplier

    Hi all tinters out there Anyone using 3M auto film please guide me to who is new supplier, as I dont think MEP supply 3M any longer thanks for your info