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  1. Bigjohnson3

    Steel wool or chore boy for d-lines

    Thanks bud, appreciate your input.
  2. I tint toyotas all day long but I do get customers that bring in other manufactures or employees personal vehicles where some defroster lines like to hold water/air and create the "peanut" or simply not wanting to lay down. For some reason recently I've done a 02 Lexus es300, 06 Subaru Impreza, 2017 mustang, and a 16 charger. All have given me trouble with this. I was recommended trying out a chore boy by a fellow guy I use to tint with but I've heard it'll scratch glass, I've also seen people post about steel wool. I'm wondering which I should use or maybe get both? Also are you guys using this and replacing your white scuffer for these thick line bgs', or are you using the pad, scuff, and squeegee as your prep before installing. My shrink technique has never changed, always the h pattern dry shrink with dryer sheets. And info is appreciated thanks!
  3. Bigjohnson3

    2018 Camry

    Just got mine too, thought I'd share how my install went for everyone's first. Working at a toyota dealership, I've tinted every generation Camry, and this one by far is the easiest one to date. Super easy shrink on the bg, even easier install with it being not as tall as the previous generations. The new quarter windows remind me of the Lexus quarters, super easy to slip and squeegee. All seals pull just like the 2017's, only complaint was not being able to remove the 3rd brake light but you don't even need too. I was able to get a side swiper behind it and bulldoze the rest perfectly fine. I was worried when I first saw photos of this new Camry of how it might be a setback, but I'm happy to say this is my favorite toyota money maker $$$
  4. Bigjohnson3

    6in lidco white hard card

    Found that out the hard way haha
  5. Bigjohnson3

    Wagner Furno heat guns

    I also am a convert, I used a porter cable heat gun for almost a year and man it was heavy. It finally took a poop and then I started to use the Wagner and I love it. I'll always stick to it. Nice and light and heats up fast and gets HOT.
  6. Bigjohnson3

    6in lidco white hard card

    That's my other hard card I use, quarters only though. It scratches the film. I bottom load everything so I also use that white card for my top edge.
  7. Bigjohnson3

    6in lidco white hard card

    I use that finger to slide into corners, works very well but the integrity gives up after a couple weeks, would be nice to find a firmer card with the same amount of slip.
  8. Bigjohnson3

    6in lidco white hard card

    This is by far my go to hard card for my top and bottom edges as well as my corners, I cut them in a shape to where corner access is easy and time efficient. My only problem is that I can only order them through llumars tool catalog at my dealership! Anyone know where I can find these bad boys at? I can only find either the grey ones (no slip on film) or the ones with a felt edge which is not needed, even though I could probably take it off. Please help! I will buy 100!
  9. Bigjohnson3

    2016 prius

    Gaskets pull out, on front doors pull out the cover behind door handle, pull the screw out, and give a nice pull. Towards the middle the panel might want to split away, it's normal, lift it up and it connects right back together. There is a piece of rubber holding on the end of the gasket, I usually just pull it around the plastic cap and then remove the cap when installing and reverse it. Rears are the same. Both front and quarter glasses are a bitch, especially the front doors. Btw this is for the hatch back model and not the Prius v! Wish they would of stuck to the dot matrix quarters like the previous generation!
  10. Bigjohnson3

    Fav B/G squeegee

    What are y'all using for your back glasses as you main squeegee? I've always used a blue max with unger handle but I'm noticing a little bit of water being left behind. Is this normal? It dries out but it's starting to get colder out here and I'm wondering if it will affect how my tint cures. I go over twice and the second pass with more pressure. Just wondering what you guys are using, squeegee and handle wise. Thanks!
  11. Bigjohnson3

    Taking door panels off

    How many of y'all take your door panels off to tint your windows? I've talked to a few guys locally at dealerships and pro shops and I've all been told that they heat shrink every window and lock in their top edges first then use a ez reach to pull back the gasket and tuck in the bottom half of the film. Now I've been trained to take off at least the top half of the door panels to remove the gasket if it's not attached, if attached I remove the entire door panel. Working at a Toyota dealship I know every door panel of the models. I can take off all 4 in under 5 mins and put them back on in even less. To me, heat shrinking every single window to make sure no fingers come back, and then carefully tucking in the bottom half is just asking for trouble. I honestly feel like I would crease it every time when tucking it under the gasket. I've watched numerous videos on YouTube and seen guys do it but the entire time I can't help but think that they're introducing creases and countless dirt or other airborne debre. Not only that but I feel like it would take twice as long if not longer. The guy I talked to said that's he was comfortable doing it that way because of the risk of breaking a door panel. I've worked on many of makes and have had no trouble taking off panels and having previous experience in actual mechanic work I've learned if taking something off or out of the way makes your job that much easier just do it. Just trying to get some input from installers on how y'all are doing it. I don't have very much experience considering I was trained for a week and throw to the wolfs. I'm the only installer at my dealership and if there's one thing I learned it's that you can only be shown so much hands on, that's one half, the other is getting the feel for the tint and how it works. I've had to basically take what I was shown and learn on my own after that through trial and error. Any advice and tips are greatly appreciated!