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  1. I will be in Seaside next week. Thought I would post to see if I would be near anyone. I don't ever travel much so let's link up🤘🏼
  2. We have a good amount of overstock Solarfx. Private Message us. Multiple options to choose from.
  3. We have a good amount of overstock Solarfx that we most likely wont use. Private Message us! Multiple options to choose from
  4. What are those Orange clamps? @jh812
  5. 😂😂😂 heck of a job right there
  6. Just curious how you guys have your rolls organized, whether its on walls, carts, etc... could you guys include some pictures? Thanks! We are having to re-organize our shop and need some ideas
  7. Computer Cut for sure
  8. Thats so cheap to strip and re tint a vehicle. we normally charge $15 per roll down/pocket window removal, sometimes more depending on how it removes, back glass starting at $50 and going all the way up to $150 maybe more hehe. what series of SolarGard do you use?
  9. Ive already got everything set up with LuLu, for some reason im having the hardest time receiving the specs on the different lines of film. Could someone private message me please? Need This ASAP
  10. What size rolls?
  11. Dibs
  12. This stuff is the shiznit
  13. Do you guys have any examples of the stickers you put on between the glass and film?
  14. @Midtown Houston we are in Arkansas and it's humid as well. We mix about 5.5-6.0oz to about 5 gallons. You may want to do 6-6.5oz per 5gal. And depends how you like your slip as well.
  15. Been reading a lot about this stuff. Where can you find it? Distributors anywhere in the states?