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  1. In my opinion that is horrible. Even if i were doing a car with a cheap dye film, they didnt care about performance or anything i would take all of the steps i would when doing a high end ceramic job. That edge is horrible. The cost of tint jobs are different from state to state. in arkansas a ceramic two door is about $300+ give or take depending on what all their wanting, and other states theyre way more. If anyting try and get those doors re done, and possibly touch up the back glass if possible... just my two cents. Good luck!
  2. Nice!!! Like seeing the numbers for sure! How would you go explaining the numbers to customers and so forth? Putting it into terms they'll understand? @F1windowtinting
  3. My best friend and I (now my business partner) tinted our personal vehicles in Highschool around the age of 16. All of our friends wanted us to tint their vehicles so we got the hang of things.. Posted ads online (Craig's list) haha, started getting customers and staying pretty busy. Note we were 16 when we began and 22 now, and thought why not take it to the next level. During those times we were mobile. In 2014 we flew to Cali and got further training at RightLook. Today we are still business partners and have a big shop that opened about 9 months ago and doing great! Looking forward to hearing everyone else's journey!!
  4. Hey hey! Welcome!
  5. our customer base most likely wouldnt pay for the s9 prices we would have to charge. Im getting sample of the s7, should be here monday! thank you for the response
  6. Looking to offer a ceramic. Just need a little advice about them
  7. What do you guys think about Rayno S7 series?
  8. Anybody have any experience with Rayno S7 series? Pros/Cons
  9. @Grizzlies87 we are SolarGard Panarama Dealers and I have to say HiLite all the way. I definitely like and recommend a couple more.
  10. 🤔 say what?
  11. @jh812 exact numbers would be awesome!! And we definitely need to invest in one for sure!
  12. @jh812
  13. How does it do under the heat lamp demonstration? Will it sell itself?
  14. For ceramic series film what do you recommend? Around the same range of Solfx and FlexFilm. We have 70% flex ceramic and it definitely sells itself with heat lamp demonstration. Have not tried Solfx ceramic or any others. There isn't a HUGE demand for it in Arkansas so we can't use anything too pricy like 3m Crystalline
  15. Thoughts about this film? I keep hearing this stuff is like the best in the world. What's is perks and performance?