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  1. Been a minute
  2. Nothing on the agenda :/
  3. nice! im so bored and no line ups for tomorrow either
  4. interesting... that could have been done way better and scooted to the right for sure. they just cut short on that side. now theyll have fun removing and redoing those lol. but they should re do it with no hesitation
  5. take a pic of it rolled down half way. thats a huge gap from where the actual window starts
  6. Id never let that leave my shop. Thats a pretty good size gap. Have them redo those
  7. sweet we are @sunstopwindowtinting just like that
  8. absolutely hate receiving muddy vehicles haha
  9. looks good!!!
  10. weve got 20k + followers on instagram
  11. gotcha! thats where about half of our customers come from.
  12. lameeeeeee
  13. do any of you guys have instagram? for business or personal page?
  14. 🍻🍺🍻🍺