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  1. Thoughts about this film? I keep hearing this stuff is like the best in the world. What's is perks and performance?
  2. Solar Free??? never ever heard of it in my life
  3. We've got some 3mil-10mil in our shop. Just curious. I know the standard is 4mil for automotive. I kind of want to put it on my jeep!! Just to say I have it hahaha
  4. Curious on how to install safety film on vehicles. Is it plotter friendly? Install techniques? Are there any install videos that's show how?
  5. From the looks of those pictures... Ridiculous honestly, I would go back to them and confront them what they have done. Any honest reliable professional shop wouldn't have a car leaving out of their shop like that. That's such a horrible job. Good luck and keep us updated!
  6. I've seen this multiple times as well.
  7. Come to Arkansas and tint!! We will definitely need somebody around summer time! 😎
  8. Been a minute
  9. Nothing on the agenda :/
  10. nice! im so bored and no line ups for tomorrow either
  11. interesting... that could have been done way better and scooted to the right for sure. they just cut short on that side. now theyll have fun removing and redoing those lol. but they should re do it with no hesitation
  12. take a pic of it rolled down half way. thats a huge gap from where the actual window starts
  13. Id never let that leave my shop. Thats a pretty good size gap. Have them redo those
  14. sweet we are @sunstopwindowtinting just like that