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  1. heck yeah, we are on our second jug
  2. I feel like its complete opposite honestly. Everything we remove is faded, bubbles, etc... and leaves behind glue... and these are jobs that are only about 5yrs old... now some film depends on how you remove, some dont leave glue when removed buy a steamer, and some when removed without any heat/steamer doesnt leave any glue behind. hell idk... beats me
  3. The best Shizz ever. Been using it for months 7oz to 5 gallons here in Arkansas
  4. what is on the back window?
  5. So we tinted this Jeep Grand Cherokee. 2015, 14, or 16 cant remember. so we have had to re do this windshield, this was our second attemp because for some reason we just cant please this customer. So here are the picture that say we suposedly burned his dash.... we have never used a heat gun on the inside of the vehicle. could this have been an imperfection already done to the vehicle and theyre just now noticing it because of the windshield tint? we need help asap haha How would we have layed the tint if the dash was up onto the window? and before they came and picked the vehicle up, I went out there and looked at the bottom of the glass to make sure everything was layed down near the dot matrix at the bottom...... Im in aww
  6. I include both, and explain both. What works best for you?
  7. Do any of you guys know of a detailing thread/forum?
  8. oh wow thats wild!!!
  9. Oh yeah definitely have had a few of those!
  10. What exactly do you mean by bad clients?
  11. thats just crazy, i called up there and the receptionist spoke to me and said the CTX blocks 90% heat rejection.....
  12. @jh812 Arkansas here haha, very true we are using Rayno. Theyve been open for like 10 years, weve been open for 1.5 . They have literally followed every step we have since we opened, newer website, changed hours and days open, even prices, and i wouldnt be suprised they use the same film as us... we shall see!
  13. Exactly my point hahahahaahaha heck i dont think Formula One even gets that high does it?!
  14. @DynamicAppearance Theyre using LuLu
  15. So we only have about 2 competitors around us, similar pricing, volume etc.... here is a quote from their website fooling their customers. "Rejecting up to 65% of the total Solar Energy entering the vehicle" Then scrolling on down the page... "The Ceramic series is our flagship product, and is a true warrior in the lineup. Broad Spectrum Infrared-Heat Rejection. You won’t believe how well this film performs, and you need us to put a sample of this film on a heat lamp to truly see what a solar control heavyweight looks like. This film is made with our market leading IR Ceramic Technology that offers the highest heat rejection rate available, which is 90% heat rejection,and 99% UV protection." Id love to use this film . a part of me wants to call them out as well, and we know the film they are using and not even close to those numbers given above.... What would you do?