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  1. Yup!!
  2. For me it was creasing film. I was way too rough with it at first
  3. Congratulations
  4. Bluemax woop woop
  5. Looking into buying a Daytona jack
  6. I'm about to hit the hay
  7. Wow nice
  8. Thinking about some east Texas hot links
  9. I'm sleepy
  10. Yea it's starting to get to me
  11. I only touched two cars this week so far. Haven't had a off day from my job since April 3
  12. I will soon when I get off at 9 it doesn't look to bad since it didn't dent and the paint didn't get scraped off
  13. I just scraped the pole at my job now I got yellow marks on my car
  14. Thanks @flat rock stan and @TintDude for the raffle. Congrats @highplains
  15. I'm hungry