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  1. alexg

    Alpha Romeo Sedan

    Ive done a lot of them for a dealer here in town. On one of them the amplifier burned up. Lucky for me the dealer warrantied it. I just wish I new why the amp burned up. Everything was covered and there wasn't any moisture around the factory amp. The only recommendation I have is to use as little water as possible. Disconnect battery while doing back window and let sit all day before plugging back in and returning to customer.
  2. alexg

    Pic of the Week #543 Submissions

    An AudiQ7, Dodge Viper and Porsche Panamera all on the same day and white to boot.
  3. alexg

    Keeping the shop floor clean

    I got some 10ft carpet runners with rubber backing and put them on the floor. One on either side of the car. The water absorbs into the carpet and keeps it contained. I clean the mats once a week with a high pressure hose. While it doesn't stop the water stains completely, it does help a lot.
  4. alexg


    It happened to me too. It gets wet and shrinks in the sun. I had to replace the entire dash for the customer. It was a brand new Cherokee and they didn't want to take to upholstery shop. Cost me over 4,000 for the new dash. I don't do cars with leather inserts on the dash anymore.
  5. alexg

    2015 Cla 250 Mercedes

    We have the Mercedes account here in Fresno and we have done our fair share. Ive experienced this problem with about 2% of the installs. The antenna for the transponder is in the back glass. Not sure what causes it not to work. The good thing is that is has always started working again. I hate the not knowing tho.
  6. alexg

    2017 Mustang Back glass PROBLEMS

    What I've done lately is I will dry shrink the film but I won't use a glove or a hard card. I dry shrink and let the film just lay naturally without stretching or pushing down. Apply smooth even moderate heat. It takes longer to heat shrink this way but no more peanuts. Let me know if you would like me to post a video and the next time I do one I will record.
  7. alexg

    insurance questions shop

    General liability with garage keepers. You don't need workmen's comp for yourself but you will for your nephew.
  8. alexg

    2017 civic hatchback

    It was 660.00. We did two this Saturday and saved me lots of time.