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  1. Yea, that's what I recommended to them. I told them to install some flood lights above the glass aiming down and that would help with privacy. People ask me for this all the time. It makes for a tough sell but I guess we will have to find some middle ground. Thank you.
  2. Which Madico film would be best for people who want heat reduction and privacy during the day and ESPECIALLY at night? Please, any suggestions would be very helpful !!!! Is their any Madico series that remains reflective even at night when the lights are on inside of th house?
  3. I was thinking about doing that! thanks man
  4. Recently I bought I plotter for my office. The problem is, I cant hook it up in my garage so I have to precut everything at the office and travel to my garage. A lot of times the liners get really wavy and the film starts to stick and its really kind of a mess. Right now I roll them up and tape them but it doesn't seem to be working well. Can anyone recommend a better way to travel with precut tint so that this doesn't start to happen? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  5. Does anyone know if the Gerber odyssey plotter is capable of cutting automotive window film?
  6. I really appreciate your recommendations. It hasn't even been 24 hours and I've received one request already. If you don't mind me asking, how exactly do you quote people without the measurements? Do you just describe your business to them and how you stand out as opposed to other businesses or do you tell them how much you charge by the square foot? I feel like maybe my first response to someone wasn't detailed enough. I just said if they could send me the measurements I could give them a quote. And then I offered to come out for a free estimate as soon as possible. Do you have any suggestions?
  7. Hey everyone, I am currently in the market for a plotter . If anyone has a plotter they are no longer using and looking to sell please contact me ASAP. Thanks!!!
  8. Will do! Every time I hand out flyers or attend regular car meets I always offer 10% off. I'll let you guys know how it works out! Thanks everyone!
  9. Yea I totally agree, trying to make that work outside would most likely be a disaster. Well I appreciate all of the feedback and advice guys!
  10. Hey everyone, I own a window tinting business doing automotive residential and commercial window tinting. I stay super busy doing automotive jobs but I'm having some trouble figuring out a good way to advertise for residential and commercial tinting. I'd really like to transition over to doing mostly flat glass jobs. I have many years of flat glass experience and I really like the idea of transitioning over to doing mainly that because it seems to be a pretty untapped business venture in my area. Most people I even mention it to don't even realize that it's somehing people do. I advertise a lot on Facebook but I didn't get much feedback at all for Residential. Everyone always asks about automotive tinting but people don't seem to grasp the idea of how many benefits their are to tinting your home or office building . I'm curious if their is any other business owners who have success advertising and if anyone's willing to give me some advice on the best way to snag some people. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  11. Thanks for the feedback guys!! I'm thinking I might do that Roach. having a car set up and tinting it would be a cool way to kind of showcase what it is we do. that's what I was thinking! $250 for a whole day at an import event with thousands of people seems like a small price to pay to even just get word out and pass around my number. especially if I'm the only tint shop that is gonna be there. I couldn't believe the event coordinator said id be the only tint shop there. seems like a great venue to be at to me. thanks for all the feedback about facebook Dynamic. I actually do the exact same thing. I Boost posts to friends of people who have already liked my page and I do $7 a day everyday for my page to get likes. It seems that boosting pictures of high end cars I do gets WAY more feedback.
  12. Hmmmm....I was really hoping someone had a good experience with it. its supposed to be over 10,000 people at this event so I figured if anything it would just be worth the money to get the name of my business out there. It only costs $250 to be a vendor for the day which isn't much at all. I don't know.......Now I'm on the fence about it. I tell ya what, I started paying for Facebook Advertisements and either Its bullshit or I'm just not doing something right. Aside from the occasional Like on my business page, I'm not seeing very much feedback from it. Any advice Dynamic? I know you run a lot of facebook ads......do you customize your audience or just run ads in certain general areas? I've spent WELL over $200 on facebook ads and haven't received one damn phone call. Went to a local car meet and handed out fliers and scheduled 5 Jobs that night. Any suggestions?
  13. Hey everyone! Business has been pretty good lately! Recently I saw their was a BIG car meet right down the road from where I live so I figured i'd make fliers and go hand them out to potential customers and it worked very well. Not only that , it was just great to get to know new people and potential customers in the future. Yesterday I saw that their is a big Import event (Show/Drag Racing events) coming to a popular Drag strip very close to me and I am seriously considering paying to be a vendor at the event . I contacted the event coordinator and he told me I would be the only window tinting company their as a vendor. My question is, Has anyone paid to be a vendor at an event like this and if so, was it worth it in the long run? This would be the first time I've ever done something like this so any advice I could get would be much appreciated. THANKS GUYS !
  14. ok, thanks guys. I know you also have 3 categories you can pick for you audience. Do you guys find that any particular category is best? Like for instance, Vehicles /automotive window film/ Boats are three options you can pick. I didn't know if any of yall find certain categories best.
  15. What's up everyone. I am a day away from starting my Facebook advertisements and I'm just curious as to what audience categories other business owners find to be most effective in pulling in the right customers looking for window tint; or what have you all found or figured out that works the best. I would very much appreciate any advice that anyone could give me!! Thanks!!