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  1. Looking for reviews on their automotive line of film. Anyone been using them ?
  2. This is going to be a long 24 1\2 days....
  3. In it to win it
  4. Mmmmmmm tint fuel
  5. That tint fuel is definitely going to be on all my future orders
  6. Thanks for the replies guys
  7. Llumar is a no go as another shop in town is a dealer already. I tried the QDP today but it had the same result in out heat box test. Trying to not go ceramic because then we would have to increase prices and the auto dealers wouldn't be happy.which I guess I should have mentioned earlier....the whole reason the question came up at the shop today is because I built a heat box to test all our films and didn't realize how poorly dyed films reject heat compared to metallic and ceramic films. When we do dealer work they don't care about heat or anything else other than making them match the color of factory privacy glass and cost. But I would like to be able to provide more heat rejection with a metallic film but still matching the privacy glass.....if that makes sense
  8. Which film do you find best matches the color of the rear factory windows in trucks and suv? we currently use Johnson Renegade for the application as the marathon line appears too silvery, however we are looking for a film that has better heat rejection than just a dyed film.