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  1. Privacy Film Company

    AG film for tint protection

    All AG films on the market have a "removable" adhesive, however once that adhesive is on the glass for 1-2 years and best case scenario leave adhesive behind forcing you to replace the solar film your trying to protect or worst case it can become a PITA to remove if it adheres in a permanent fashion. We offer a clear 4 Mil protective film that will never leave any residue behind and is easy to remove.
  2. Privacy Film Company

    Flat glass film removal

    I'd recommend a 6" Triumph scraper. You may want to soak the film to help keep the dust down as you scrape.
  3. Privacy Film Company

    Paper Cutter

  4. Privacy Film Company

    I want to change the industry

    Not a terrible idea F1. I've got an "adhesive" that might work.
  5. Privacy Film Company

    Privacy Film Company Raffle Winner Is..........

    The only thing better than our sample book is our prices ;-)
  6. Privacy Film Company

    Office Frost Vinyl Jobs - Transfer and Pricing

    Do what Tom said. Specifically, have your film supplier slit the rolls down to the exact band widths you need. In your case 30" & 9 1/2". I'd also have them slit some material that can be used as a spacer for the clear gaps (1/2", 1", 5 1/2". etc.) Level and install the middle band all the way across and then use the spacers(reusable) to set the top and bottom bands. We custom slit for customers all he time. We have free spacer material that can be used as well.
  7. Congrats to " @no ma'am " on winning our first Tintdude raffle. As a thanks to everyone else who participated in the raffle, we will extend our 10% discount promotion through the end of October. Contact us to become a dealer and obtain wholesale pricing! Thanks, -Privacy Film Company
  8. Privacy Film Company

    Privacy Film Company Raffle/Giveaway

    It has begun. Good luck & Thanks!
  9. Privacy Film Company

    Privacy Film Company Raffle/Giveaway

    Hey TintDude Nation. We are having a window film raffle that will run the entire month of September ending on the 30th at Midnight Eastern Standard Time. This raffle is open to all members of TintDude. The rules are as follows, every post made constitutes an entry however back to back posts will not count. Obviously, the more you post the more chances to win. The winner will be selected the day of October 1st, 2017 via Private Message us your email address or like us on facebook @ to automatically double your final post count. The GOODIES are as Follows: 1 Roll of Clear Frost: VIS-1000 [60” x 100ft] 1 Roll of White Matte: VIS-0001 [60” x 100ft] 1 VISIUM® Sample Book 4 VISIUM® branded T-Shirts (Any Size) Free Shipping within the US. (International winners are responsible for shipping) *Approximate Retail value of all the GOODS equals over $800* Below are installation photos provided by our dealers of Clear Frost and White Matte. Best of Luck to all TD members!
  10. Privacy Film Company

    Greetings from the Privacy Film Company

    Thank you for the kind words blackoutauto
  11. Privacy Film Company

    Greetings from the Privacy Film Company

    We wanted to take a second to present our organization and brand to all of the wonderful TintDude members out there. We are the Privacy Film Company and manufacturer of VISIUM® window films, based out of Ellicott City, Maryland. Our film lineup primarily consists of privacy & decorative windows films. However, you’ll find we also have specialty films as well and are developing new products daily. With that said, our primary goal is to disrupt the industry by offering better prices than the major industry players while at the same time providing exceptional customer service. We cut our teeth in the window tinting industry and understand the nuances of installing the variety of deco/privacy films that exist. We’re here to pass that knowledge and experience on to you. To kick things off, we’ll be offering 10% off on any film orders through the end of September to TintDude Members only. Simply contact us at or (240) 475-5617 to become a dealer and to receive a sample book & pricing info. Thank you for your time. It's been a pleasure. -Privacy Film Company
  12. Privacy Film Company

    36" roll of clear static cling

    We are offer a 4 mil clear and frosted film that has a proprietary adhesion. It will adhere better than static cling and will leave absolutely no residue at all. I'd be happy to send a small sample to any interested parties. PM me if you'd like.
  13. Privacy Film Company

    My attempt at doing window film art lol

    What kind of distraction band are you looking to install? A straight band that is 1-3" thick or some type of repeating pattern? Depending on your answer the technique used will vary. In any event, I would recommend purchasing a laser level and tripod. Below are links to both of those items.