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  1. GlassWithClass

    Sticky Windows

    Get yourself some Mothers scratch remover, put a bit on you scrub pad and scrub the $#!+ out of the windows. I do it dry first then add a bit of water and finish it off. Clean window and WOW no more sticky window! Did this on the Range Rover sport and worked like a charm! Thought I would share with you all. Happy tinting!
  2. GlassWithClass

    2018 Acura RLX

    New hybrid. Front doors are a breeze one screw under rubber in arm rest, pops right off. Back doors same deal to get the panel off. However the sweep is attached to a privacy screen, you need to remove the screen. Its attached to the quarter window screen also. Pop the front cover off the quarter window screen its three red clips. There are two silver screws behind that you need to remove. Once the panel is pulled there are four more silver screws along the bottom of the screen that need to be removed, then the whole thing comes off as one unit. After that its just another Acura. BG is flat, has a moulded third brake light, buy easy to get your dozzer or whatever you use behind it. Did this one in 20%.
  3. GlassWithClass

    2018 Camry

    FYI the brake light pops up and out
  4. GlassWithClass

    2018 q7

    T 25 under arm rest, remove trim around door pull. Two more T 25's under that. Pop panel working from bottom up, then lift the panel up and off the door. Bombs Away!
  5. GlassWithClass

    2018 Volvo V90

    Just did this one in Pin 35/15. Two 7mm under silver trim. One T20 torx under window switch. Pull back and seal comes out!
  6. GlassWithClass

    2017-18 beetle back glass

    Did this one in 50%, doors are frameless tint slides in easy. Quarters are not tight but have a pillar kind of in the way but easy to get around. Back glass needs a bit of lift and pull but is shorter then the older models. I left top and bottom long to pull, had to remove spoiler(worst part) its on there good. 5 or 6 10 mill and tape on both top corners and along top. Removed plastic trim in hatch for easy install. Also not sure if only some models have spoiler....
  7. GlassWithClass

    2018 CLA 250 Sedan

    Hey have one of these next week, any changes or are they the same? Also they want the windshield done any problems? Or am I going to have to figure it all out?
  8. GlassWithClass

    2017 Jetta rear tray

    Pop trunk, unplug brake light. Drop rear seats. 4 plastic push clips with rubber ends pull then unscrew. Then there is a plastic access cover on each side of plastic seat pillar pull that out with a pick. 1 torx screw Behind each, its deep in there so use a magnetic screw driver. Pull the top of the pillar out and you will see one more push clip behind them, remove. Then pull the side trim along the glass ( just yank them out towards the middle of the car). Now make sure you take the seat belt straps out of the deck, then flip child seat covers up, you will see that the deck has three tongues that stick out a bit. Just take note when maneuvering. Now lift up on the deck by the end closest to you, there are only two metal clip on each side underneath that will pop. Then just slide it out. FYI front door panel peals back and seal comes out, rear door requires 1 torx behind plastic trim near the quarter window. Then that will peal back and seal can be removed with hook tool. Hope this helps for future reference.
  9. GlassWithClass

    What did you tint today?

    Quarter glass on these are fun 2015 S65 AMG Pin 30/15%
  10. GlassWithClass

    Pic of the Week #526 Submissions

    1963 For Falcon Wagon Llumar 35/20
  11. GlassWithClass

    2017 Mustang Back glass PROBLEMS

    I use 2000 grit and iso on the back works like a charm
  12. GlassWithClass

    Audi A4 Third Brake Light

    I don't pull from the front, I slid my fingers behind the back of the light and push towards the back of the car. No issues with broken clips.
  13. GlassWithClass

    Tail Fin

    Thank you! Just made an order!
  14. GlassWithClass

    Tail Fin

    Hey guys I want to order some tail fins (green and yellow) my supplier can't get one. Anyone know where I can order some? I'm in London Ontario Canada. Have not found a company that will ship to Canada yet...thnx.
  15. GlassWithClass

    What did i do wrong?

    Ya the focus HB will do that too, I tint for a ford dealer and seem to have fixed this problem by my shrink method. Dry shrink with a centre line in the middle but follow the defroster curve. I don't tack the sides leave it long all around. Shrink from the sides in all the way across the bottom. Then hit the top the same way. I use a wet edge vinyl card to make sure the shrink is flat and past the matrix. Then trim and install, should have little to no fingers this way. Not tacking the sides seems to let the film lay down smooth when shrinking rather then forcing them closer to the middle. Hope this helps for next time.